Was Mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin killed by his political opponents? Is this what Democrats and RINOs and deepstate has in store for POTUS Trump (45)? Must they kill Trump to 'stop' his ascendancy

by Paul Alexander

Must they imprison him to stop you from voting? I think Trump is 100% going to be re-elected and I think they, his existing opponents in Biden et al. will even 'allow' him to be killed! I believe.

I believe all the constant charges on Trump and court appearances are to ‘expose’ him for crazy people, I do. I think these people know exactly what they are doing. Its either prison or a coffin for Trump in their sick addled deranged minds, these CNN, MSNBC, ABC, deepstate, swamp legacy media, Biden officials, even some FOX sick crazy mindless dangerous reporters.