Was the US's government role in COVID, even military one really meant to gather INTEL on laboratories in China; to safe guard us but went rogue once people like Fauci, Francis Collins, Daszak came on

by Paul Alexander

Was COVID used to topple Trump? IMO it was and they did, they created it, released it, and headed to response to it in a failed manner, designed the response to fail, so his people would be devastated

Was our government really trying to keep tabs China? To see what they were up too as to coronavirus research? Knowing it could be weaponized. Was this really a classified military operation? Was that a good thing if it did not go so disastrously wrong?

Is this really bad malevolent greedy people using a pathogen they were working on, to help deepstate topple Trump and they controlled all the cards even the response and the malevolent vaccine people like Pfizer’s Bourla and Moderna’s Bancel. That they brought a vaccine that they knew would fail as it did, that their FDA submissions were fraudulent, and they were, and that they knew once it was non-neutralizing and non-sterilizing (could not stop infection or transmission) and that the antibodies would become non-neutralizing, then the vaccine would drive variant after variant and you would never stop needing boosters? That this pandemic or what you call it would conceivably go on for 100 more years with these mRNA gene platforms that do not work and actually ‘slow’ kill. Is this a classic bioweapon? Is this really a large scheme, and we don’t have all the dots yet but getting there but really malevolence to hurt a POTUS and make serious money while at it? To gain power and hold it? They surely did. But really who? Was China involved, not just the Wuhan lab, but it’s CCP? Was this pathogen spreading always but we decided the right time to roll out a fraud over-cycled PCR test with 95% false positives to then ‘detect’ it? Then what killed people for there was a spike in deaths? Is there something else that was released?