Washington DC NYT reporter told me we DC journalists know 1 of 3 will happen if we decide you are the target of a hit piece; we will focus for 2-3 days relentlessly and 1 of 3 will occur, usually # 2

by Paul Alexander

1) you will kill yourself by the time we are done (2-3 days of relentless slander & smear of you) 2) if not 1, then we will burn your life/name down, destroy your career 3) 2 is most, but if not, then

3, we write in such a way to get sicko whacko insane deranged people in society to act up and follow you and stalk you and harass you and in their way harm you…by our writing we leak your address and phone numbers etc.

She said 1 happens the least but it does happen, if you look, you will see across history in DC, and people do take their lives under the relentless and brutal pressure by the DC press and elsewhere once the DC press localized the hit on you, but rare, and they don't care, they the press, and 2 is what happens most, they work as a pack to smear and slander you until they destroy you fully. They work as a pack to destroy your name and life. They have no care for what they do to you.

She said don't take it personal Paul, this is about Trump. Its often that way. Its all meant to hurt him, not you or others. But you are a casualty of this attack really on him.

I never granted her an interview.