Washington DC's mayor Muriel Bowser, what planet is she living on? Declares Unvaccinated Students Are Banned From In-Person Learning Ahead of School Year, No Alternative to be Provided' & must be mRNA

by Paul Alexander

Must be mRNA so even if you took adeno-viral vector, you can't school; this is pure bullshit crap insanity DC styling! inmates are running the asylum! No virtual learning, NOTHING for blacks in DC!

Nothing for white kids, black kids, no kids who are not vaccinated come September in DC! How much do you bet me she changes this? The minority population will bust her nuts over this! She thinks blacks in DC August 2022 informed on COVID and the fraud is the same as blacks in DC February 2020 who were then uninformed as we all were as to the filth and corruption and fraud of COVID. She has another thing coming.

She says: “Washington, D.C., students must prove they have a COVID vaccination and show a negative test result before school starts with no exceptions. The city is requiring an mRNA vaccine, which means students already vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson or Novavax jabs will have to be revaxxed.”


Mayor Muriel Bowser Thursday told reporters there are no plans to provide remote learning for unvaccinated students. That could be problematic for the Democrat running a city with approximately 40% of Black teens unvaccinated, according to city data.

The Daily Signal further reported.

During a press conference, Bowser, a Democrat, admitted there are no alternative options, including virtual learning, for students who cannot attend school due to the District’s vaccine mandate, meaning unvaccinated children will effectively be left without an education.  

Over 40% of blacks ages 12-17 are not vaccinated, according to city data. 

Bowser responded, “They can go to school on Monday. But they need to get their vaccinations … and their families will be alerted as to the dates.” 

Students get 20 days to provide their vaccination certificate. The Office of the State Superintendent of Education for D.C. announced that “all students must have up-to-date immunization certification on file with the school within the first 20 school days or they will not be allowed to attend school or school activities until the immunization certification is secured by the school.” 

The office continued, “If the student does not come into compliance within a 20-school day period, the school must remove the student from school until the immunization certification is secured by the school.” 

When pressed on whether or not unvaccinated children would have to use virtual learning for their education if they were not compliant with the vaccine mandate, Bowser said, “We’re not offering remote learning for children, and families will need to comply with what is necessary to come to school.” 

The mayor’s remarks did not address whether illegal aliens bussed to her sanctuary city from Texas will be forcibly vaccinated or taught despite no proof of an mRNA vaccine.”