Washington is shaking now, another big massive WIN; the EPA (see below) ruling is far more extensive, as it can be applied to all alphabet agencies, & their capacity to write or enforce law: FDA, CDC

by Paul Alexander

DHS, etc...6:3, but while Justice Roberts found his stones in the majority, he somehow gave them back to Susan Rice (real POTUS), with Kavanaugh also giving his gonads to Rice, 5:4 remain in Mexico

Alphabets are in trouble now, their wings be clipped with this 6:3 ruling on EPA…it can be extensive!

GREEN New Deal is dead. Thank God!

Point is, Roberts gives in one hand and takes with the other. That said, we got some big rulings recently e.g. gun control New York and Roe. So we best keep quiet for he is liable to act up and start back ruling with the leftist nutballs again. Whatever happened, if he fell and hit his head, if he found Jesus, whatever it is, we like it!

But make no mistake, this Remain in Mexico ruling is insane. The guts of the legal fight in the immigration case surrounded whether U.S. immigration authorities e.g. border agents etc., with far less detention capacity than available, was forced to send people to Mexico or whether those U.S. immigration authorities had the discretion under federal law to allow asylum-seekers into the United States as they awaited their hearings.

Now tell me what is insane about that? This is crazy and always was. Not because you show up at my border illegally, do I have to take you in and no, you will not be coming to the hearing. It is how it works. Stop bull shitting us. There are terrorists too in those persons coming up at the border, we know this. There are good folk but also many bad folk in those coming at the border. Yes, rapists and murders. I said it. Not all, but some. The US has high crime, streets uncontrolled, high gas, high cost of living, high debt, terrible education for the children etc. Why must they take in anymore at this time? Get your house in order first. Same with Canada etc. I know many immigrants, I am one, yet a citizen of Canada, legal too for USA…the issue is many today come to kind nations such as US and Canada to take and damage, to live off the native peoples, the hard working peoples, to give nothing back, to not help. Just damage. Just take. Many come and do so well, raise families, add to the situation and help develop nation. But it’s those who come to take and steal and rape and murder and commit terrorist acts, I do not want in my nation. Period! Get out, go back to your shit hole! Even if my own peoples! If you come to help, and raise families, and respect nation, language, flag, anthem, culture etc., then come, our arms are open, come if you want to work hard and raise families and contribute to the society. If you respect my police, my veterans, my military, our system of laws, the right to religion…if all these appeal to you, then come! If not, stay to phuck away!


Ruling EPA:


Ruling Remain in Mexico: