'Wastewater and test positivity numbers show a fall wave of COVID-19 may be approaching. Vaccine makers have updated booster shots and doctors recommend getting one when they become available' IMO, my

by Paul Alexander

take: this is fear porn insanity, so what? you strongly protect granny & leave the rest of us to hell alone! data does not show circulation strains are deadlier; run from the booster like the plague

IMO, after all the COVID lockdown and vaccine lies and deceit they put on us, I say the nerve and swagger of these people. They should be in a jail, believe nothing in yahoo.

Talk to your doctor yet your doctor also already deceived you in all that they did with the lies of lockdown and the fraud vaccine. So cannot be trusted. We always lean on side of caution yet all data today says this is not an issue. But we await. As long as the media wrote this, then you turn it off and walk away. The booster is harmful and it has failed. No one wants them. This reporting is not based on facts. Consult your doctor but the information in this piece in yahoo is as important and useful as a third male breast.