We are at war people! Real war, a battle for the soul of America & by extension, the world! If America falls, the world falls! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been a solider on the front line & now they came

by Paul Alexander

after her and ruled against her. Criminals IMO, as she has done God's work and her advocacy has saved lives! I support her and love this lady's work, let us pray our Lord protects her

as she battles these untermensche, these beelzebubs, these devils in human form! These beasts have no reason, yet object to her views on vaccine and COVID, the response etc. I have been on her show many times and ask you to support this person, she is different, a real warrior, honest! This is no COVID hustler like the ones you know about, this is the real deal!

Dr. Tenpenny's Eye on the Evidence
The Ohio Medical Board Hearing
Last week, I wrote about the preparation for this hearing. You can find that post here. On Wednesday, August 9, a hearing of the Ohio Medical Board was held in Columbus, Ohio. Two years in the making, it was an interesting experience to sit before a panel of your judgmental “peers.” They were seated on an elevated platform, much like the hearings one see…
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‘Last week, I wrote about the preparation for this hearing. You can find that post here.


On Wednesday, August 9, a hearing of the Ohio Medical Board was held in Columbus, Ohio. Two years in the making, it was an interesting experience to sit before a panel of your judgmental “peers.” They were seated on an elevated platform, much like the hearings one sees on TV of congress seated behind microphones and looking down on those they are interrogating. A group of nearly 30 friends came to support me at the hearing, which appeared to somewhat rattle the Board members.

Shortly after the hearing began, my attorney, Tom Renz, who was sitting with me about half-way back from the single podium in the center of the Board, was called to speak. He was given exactly 5 minutes to rebut the Boards accusation – that I had “failed to cooperate” with their unfounded “investigation.” I was not allowed to speak.

Keep in mind this is the only charge against me: I failed to cooperate.

Over the last two year, the Board has sent a series of letters. Even though at the hearing they made it seem they’ve been chasing me to get an answer and I never responded, we answered every one of their letters on time. Eric Jones, my other attorney involved in this situation, wrote every response and attended the board hearing on August 9, which I was not required to attend.

How is that being ‘uncooperative?’

In my attorney’s testimony, Tom entered this into the public record: (with slight editing for readability)

There are no allegations that Dr. Tenpenny hurt any clients, or any patients. There are no allegations that she's defrauded anybody or that she has done anything illegal or illicit. Rather, we're having an investigation on a procedural matter and looking at a recommendation of indefinite suspension of our medical license for ‘failure to cooperate,’ something that we absolutely disagree with.

In fact, when we looked into the charge of ‘failure to cooperate,’ it's quite clear that we've made a very good faith effort to cooperate.  We objected to a bad inquiry, or bad faith inquiry, which is evidence of cooperation. It is not evidence of failure to cooperate. It's absolutely the opposite.

Under the law, we have the absolute right to object to something that we disagree with. And you, the Board, certainly have the right to go to court and request that we be forced to respond to your inquiry [in more detail]. But that didn't happen.... [additionally], there was no definition of failure to cooperate [provided], nor failure to respond, depending on what you call it on any given day.

Dr. Sion, one of the board members, next read a prepared statement into the record, saying, [in part],

I have some comments as well. And I want to first state about what this case is. And what it isn't. I just feel like there might be some confusion. You know, this case is not about Dr. Tenpenny making comments about how when you're vaccinated, 5G Towers get interfered with. It's not about Dr. Tenpenny, saying, when you're vaccinated, your body becomes magnetized. It's not about any of that, right. Really it is about this whole issue of cooperation or not in on that point.

 So there you have it: I obviously didn’t answer their incriminatory questions to their satisfaction, so my license has been ‘indefinitely suspended’, plus a $3,000 fine, until I answer to their satisfaction, my rights be damned.

Here’s a snip of what the state AG actually said:

“If we were to take Mr. Renz up on his procedural suggestions, what would happen is a complete breakdown of the process of investigations. Every time somebody thinks, oh, this investigation was brought in bad faith, we'd have to run the court, we'd have to get a judge to sign off on it. Despite the fact that we can't disclose the basis for the investigation. We'd have to go through these steps over and over and over again. Justice delayed is justice denied. If we have to go through that these cases will take hours.”

So due process just takes too much time. Hmm.

This is the conversation Tom and I did after the hearing, discussing what they said. Listen to this discussion and please share.

What about me?

Many friends and colleagues have reached out, after hearing the results of the Board’s decision, and have asked by so many, “How are you?”

First, let me say, I’m mentally just fine. I know that God is absolutely in control. Prior to the hearing, hundreds, if not thousands, of people were praying that the Board’s decision would be “best possible outcome in accordance with God’s plan,” and that is what has absolutely been obtained. He has a bigger plan for all of this; we just haven’t seen it yet.

Second, I’m physically very tired. So many big things have been going on at the same time, projects not mentioned here. It feels a bit like carrying that proverbial 6000-pound elephant around for sport. Fortunately, I will be home for the next few weeks and then I have a vacation planned in September, the first real time away since April 2022. I hope to catch up on my energy during that time.

Third, emotionally I do struggle. As I wrote about in last week’s substack, the toll on my reputation and professional well-being is difficult. We are fighting for our God-given rights, our heritage, and for future generations. We will fight on as long as God commands it with heads held high.

I want to thank everyone who came to Columbus in a show of support. People from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Michigan, and more. I am grateful for the prayers of many from across the country and around the world.

I am especially grateful for The Resistance Chicks (Michelle and Leah) and my online team for recording the entire proceeding. The hearing did not have a court stenographer. After they voted on my ‘misbehavior,’ the Board chairman called for a 10-minute recess. At that exact moment, the livestream of the public hearing was shut down and the recording was removed from YouTube. Without the actual recordings by my team and friends, the words the Board and the egregious statements by the Assistant State Attorney General would have been lost forever.

What can you do?

Many have asked, “how can we support you?” There are very few specific requests I have:

  1. Prayer for God’s best outcome – this isn’t just about me and my medical license. This is about preservation of due process and our constitutional rights.

  2. Pray for a hedge of protection around me, my entire legal team and my employees. Pray for the future of my businesses, that they will thrive and God will be glorified.

  3. Donate to support my legal team. We have set up a GiveSendGo account to raise funds for my legal team. 100% of the funds you donate to support this legal battle to preserve and protect YOUR right to due process. All funds will go to my legal team; not a penny will come to me. Every dollar counts.

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Now that my license is (temporarily) suspended, the podcast memberships will become an important part of my income too. Thank you so much for your support – mentally, spiritually, and financially. It’s not possible to put into words how much you all mean to me.

Isaiah 8: 9-10 (World English Bible)

Make an uproar, you peoples, and be broken in pieces! Listen, all you from far countries: dress for battle, and be shattered! Dress for battle, and be shattered! Take counsel together, and it will be brought to nothing; Speak the word, and it will not stand: for God is with us.’