We are here because we have a very highly skilled technically capable set of experts in US, in alphabet agencies CDC, NIH, FDA etc., but they have no morality or allegiance, easily bought & corrupted

by Paul Alexander

No moral compass, believe in nothing & have no civic allegiance, its only money & fame & benefits for them, no care of the society; these people are skilled, but easily bought, they let people die

They chose to not use early treatment and let people die and this action alone shows us where they are mentally and emotionally, they care only to their paying masters…look how they let our parents and grand parents die in nursing homes and allowed it to happen, they ‘allowed’ the deaths, it was the cost of doing business for them to achieve their end…and their paying masters. Has zero care about the pain and destruction their cause. They rationalize their actions. Very skilled though.

Follow the money.

We must always praise and reward people who did good and made good decisions. Yet there must be accounting for wrong, we must penalize and we must even imprison people who caused deaths due to their COVID policy decisions that are shown wrong and reckless.