We are in trouble when our POTUS must be given a cheat sheet to say exactly when to walk, when to sit, when to speak, and what to say...its as if he cannot generate sentences on own volition

by Paul Alexander

This is very serious. Not the leader of the US & I feel so very sorry for him. Anyone who laughs & makes jokes when he falls etc. or bumbles, STOP that, we will get there, he is being abused!

The tragedy is I think at times he is unaware of where he is and one can see it in the eyes. The DEMS want him there to hold power, no matter what it takes, as long as they have power, and REPUBS want him there to have disaster to run on in 2024. The public is being abused by two parties and they are abusing an elderly person to achieve their wants. Serious discussions should be had. It is ludicrous to think he can run in 2024, just by his walk, this is an older gentleman in twilight of his life and he should enjoy the rest of his life. We have to express the gracious mercy that make us humans.

I do feel compassion for POTUS Biden, deep compassion, and I will not wade into the politics, but I will say, under zero condition will I or anyone I know vote for any of these left wing lunatic whacko extremist dems…these are crazies…Biden, I will not put in same basket as them, and I comment only at this age for I am unsure we can hold him accountable for his actions now. By what I see. But I am not his doctor, just my thoughts.

At this time, we have Donald and Ronald and both are appealing, one made devastating mistakes with the pandemic but can reverse the shit the dems have done that began under his stint, and the other, well, has been very successful but is younger, yet his real limitation is that Floridians may not want him to go. I even see some good repubs in the back field too…its interesting…you need to know, I will support anyone who does good for nation, including libs like Jim Webb, Bob Kerry, even Tulsi who I like though from time to time she is a bit lefty and makes some weird statements yet recently she is well behaved and I like it. Smart and up to the task.

Once you love US, this nation, our flag, anthem, border, police, right of religion, military, our vets, our culture, our peoples, all, our 2nd amendment, our constitution etc. and respect all religions Christians, Jews, Muslims…respect the woman as queen and leader, respect the man too and his key leadership role in the family, the male…regard the father once again…all and I mean people who do not wish to harm, and all ethnicities must have equal place at the table of life. Equal chance at success and US is not perfect but we keep striving for the perfect union…we will get there. We have the fundaments. It’s not about giving hand outs, it’s about no impediments, and people will find their ways. Get out of the way! We know The GREAT Society (Lyndon B Johnson) broke the African Americans and even whites for it took good hard working people who were doing so well and damaged them. It took 100 years post slavery (positive gains 1865 or so to 1965) and reversed it all 1966 to today and did devastating damage.

Again, just my thoughts to share but we must consider the mental well-being of the POTUS and if this is fair to him, his family, his life, his health. You may not like someone or approve of them for your reasons, but as human beings, we have that empathy and compassion and gracious mercy. For all first.