We are PREVENTING the pandemic from being over! If the vaccine cannot cut the chain of transmission (these cant), we can never EVER end the pandemic; the vaccines are driving the pandemic to continue

by Paul Alexander

See this exchange between Geert Vanden Bossche and myself and see those senators and congresspeople who have tested positive now, after being double and triple vaxxed; Obama is left off and Hilary

The pandemic will never end with these non-sterilizing vaccines, EVER! I think they know this. I think as malevolent as it sounds, there is some malfeasance as it is either we are dealing with very inept people, or malfeasant people. How can they all then be so inept and incompetent, how could they bring a vaccine that never worked to begin? The vaccinees are in grave danger to serious illness post infection after being vaccinated.

The unvaccinated will do very well for they have benefitted from their innate immunity (innate antibodies) being trained due to constant exposure (high infectious pressure) as we remain in a pandemic. See this exchange between Geert and myself. Geert’s explanation is very SAGE and ties in with lots we have been saying here.

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Towards SARS-CoV-2 serotypes?

Hi Peter and Geert and Henry, I share this paper. It appears to weigh in and say that maybe the immune escape we talk of re omicron, is underpinned by omi being a distinct serotype. What say you? I continue to argue that natural was not breached but that this is an entirely different serotype. I cede to Geert for his expertise. I include two key paragraphs for debate. 

"The magnitude of immune evasion of Omicron raises the question whether it should be considered as a distinct SARS-CoV-2 serotype. Here, we discuss lines of evidence in support or against the concept of SARS-CoV-2 serotypes, and the implications of this classification."

"Omicron’s extensive set of mutations is associated with substantial functional and structural differences (fitness and tropism) compared with previous variants1. The Omicron spike trimer has a more compact organization that improves stability and enhances attachment but reduces fusion2,3. These differences likely contribute to the 50–90% reduction in risk of hospitalization and mortality of Omicron relative to Delta and suggest that continued SARS-CoV-2 evolution may produce variants with different biological properties."

Geert’s response which as always, needs 3 reads but is very helpful and informative and I think he is one of the smartest folk on tap as to these vaccines/injections and the capacity of the virus to adapt/evolve due to the infectious pressure (vaccinating in the midst of an ongoing pandemic) and the mounting sub-optimal immune pressure directed on the infectiousness of the virus aka the spike (RBD):

On Thursday, April 14, 2022, 04:10:33 a.m. EDT, geert vanden bossche <geert.be> wrote:

Hi Paul,

See my recent article on my predictions…

Basically, Omicron constitutes a major antigenic shift. A variant whose infectiousness is enhanced by non-neutralizing Abs ( hence, why vaccinees are more susceptible to infection) whereas the same non- neutr. Abs hamper viral ‘trans’ infection and ‘trans’ fusion (this is why vaccinees are largely protected from severe disease). Right now, we’re having a 2nd mass vaccination program; it’s using Omicron as live attenuated vaccine!. Anti-Omicron S Abs are putting immune pressure on the viral life cycle in vaccinees ( of course, without being able to prevent productive infection as this 2nd mass vax too is taking place during a pandemic). The virus will resist this threat by selecting mutations that prevent the Infection- enhancing Abs from hindering viral trans infection and fusion ( occurring at the LRT) while maintaining the Ab-dependent enhancement of infection ( at the URT). This can only be mediated by O-glycosylation on the RBD. What it means is that   we’re now witnessing some silence before the imminent storm of a series of Newco variants that will not only be increasingly more infectious ( even resistant to broadly neutr. Abs directed at the Rec-binding motif-RBM) but also increasingly more virulent! Such Newcos will follow each other very rapidly and basically cumulate in a high and broad wave. They’ll be infectious beyond seasonal! I now expect this to happen very soon. The pandemic is anything but over (it’s impossible to end a pandemic without dramatically reducing transmission, which is exactly the opposite of what the C-19 vaccines do). Of course, no worries for the non- vaccinated who’re in good health and had an opportunity to ‘train’ their innate immune system by virtue of viral exposure. The more the virus will adapt to overcome the immunological hurdles in the vaccinees ( vast majority in highly vaccinated populations), the less it will match the immune status of the unvaccinated. They will end up dealing with Newcos in form of asymptomatic infection!

As I always said: Africa will win ( although criminal organizations like WHO are coercing governments to impose vax to their people!)

Personally, I don’t give a damn on ‘classification’ or ‘serotypes’ (it’s yet another artificial thing created by man...); all one needs to understand is the interplay between the virus and the host immune system at a population level!