We are shifting away from heavy reliance on hydroxy-HCQ & ivermectin-IVM as early treatment (these are the dynamic duo drugs that are very effective) & toward nasal-oral hygiene as first line

by Paul Alexander

Key is to arrest the virus & all pathogen in the nasal mucosae & oral passages as they land there & before they INFECT; the povidone-iodine 10% soln. (then diluted) as well as hydrogen peroxide FIRST

We have positioned the nasal-oral wash now up top the early treatment algorithm for if we can keep the nasal and oral passages clear of pathogen, then we will not need to use early treatment. That is the push e.g. as an aggressive prevention, and especially as omicron (BA.4 and BA.5 clades) is so highly infectious presenting massive infectious pressure; moreover, the constant injecting with these sub-optimal vaccines that induce sub-optimal, non-neutralizing antigen-specific vaccinal antibodies that do not sterilize the virus (does not stop infection or transmission), continues to drive selection pressure, ‘selecting’ for more infectious sub-variants that are highly infectious to the vaccinee. The massive circulating virus due to the vaccinee getting infected and re-infected prevents the population from getting to herd immunity. Thus we have to now move to keep the nasal and oral passages free of virus in the first place. We want to prevent infection (using povidone iodine and hydrogen peroxide diluted, as prophylaxis).

I wanted to clue you in and to the advantages of this nasal-oral wash to keep the area hygienically clean. This is important especially for those nations and peoples who were locked down long and hard, in wait of a vaccine that has failed (does not sterilize/neutralize the virus - stop infection, replication, or transmission), and now in the midst of high infectious pressure, and are emerging from lockdown. They will be susceptible, especially the high-risk elderly, and as such we must move to eliminate the virus as it lands in the nasal-oral passages.