We cannot vaccinate them, our children, with these COVID injections!!!! Under no condition!!! Christof (Geert) rightly asks, at what age is immune imprinting set, not just for Abs, but for TH1 & TH2?

by Paul Alexander

We know that an efficient immune system is established after 2 years so what will repeated stimulation of the same answer vs a pathogen that has ceased to exist, mean in the education of immunity...

for this virus and all other viruses for the rest of our children’s lives? I warn again, we will severely harm our children and can kill massive numbers with these injections. We must not inject our children with these…we argue that there is a huge difference in injecting a 6 months old, a 1 year old and a 3 year old or a teenager.

You as adults and parents must stop now, 2.5 years of this sh*t, the lies and falsehoods, so stop, step back, think carefully and long and hard before any decisions made. Read, ask questions. And lay your life down for those kids.