We had reports of parents telling the ER doctor we think we may have killed our child…the child was unresponsive with broken bones and they were explaining they were abusing each other...Trump knew

by Paul Alexander

Closing schools harmed children for physical abuse and sexual abuse went unreported; children get eyes and ears testing only in school; millions of American children went without food for months

Millions of children do not eat breakfast or dinner, most due to economics and many due to time…they get their only meal in school and closing schools Johnny went for months with no proper food. Trump knew and he fought the COVID Task Force, he fought Fauci etc. to open the schools and society…Trump was pained by what the policies were doing and tried hard to open and the Task Force conspired…it was clear…I admired the POTUS tremendously for what he was dealing with as to the duplicity and attacks from within…that he accomplished all he did in the last 2 years was unreal. I do believe he is a great human being and the greatest POTUS based on what he did…I thought he is a very smart bright person on issues….but he was misled into 2 sets of catastrophic actions by Fauci and Birx and other malfeasants e.g. ‘lockdowns and vaccines’ that have taken the best reputation that was being etched out into sheer devastation…Fauci and his camp would tacitly say they would leak to the press and then everyone backed off…the little diva!…Fauci the little diva! harmful diva! his illogical and unscientific polices killed thousands, him and Birx, the collateral damage of the lockdowns and school closures. I have shown 20 months ago and again now with an update that the lockdowns were ineffective and deadly as were school closures and masks and mandates…in no setting, none, did any of these policies work…NONE! just deaths and pain it caused.