We have decades of trauma to fix. What was done to our youth with the school closures & lockdowns was monstrous. Children were badly physically & sexually abused during the lockdowns & school closures

by Paul Alexander

Children starved, only meal they get is in school in US; I know, my office was getting the data and reports. The media refused to cover it and report and we gave it but they decided I was told...

…it would make Trump look good for he was begging for schools to open. Because Trump was fighting to get society and school open, when the evidence was showing that the lockdowns and school closures were causing suicides in business owners, laid off employees and children, then the media said para ‘it is DOA, we will not cover it else Trump will get the credit for fighting for the society’.

Trump really did good behind the scenes, he fought them. He fought for the children. I know. So the decision by the DC media was to cover the bad abuse data up. Not let the public know. Anything that Trump could get credit for, deny it and do not cover it or report it. This is why Scott Atlas and I were fighting Fauci and Birx and it was full war there. Atlas did good, real good and was slandered and smeared. This is why Trump was fighting Fauci and Birx and the CDC and school teacher unions to open the schools. What you saw on that Task Force podium was real. There was real contention. Hatred for Atlas by Fauci and Birx. Trump was really stunned and hurt by the devastation of the school closures and he fought Fauci and Birx. They subverted him, they undercut him to keep school closed, along with the CDC and union and NIH. I fought the CDC and NIH...Atlas fought them and they hated him for he was correct.

I praise Trump for the battles with CDC and NIH and Fauci and Birx…I admired his fight. They even threatened they would work with the media to leak that Trump and Atlas and HHS was silencing them. Pure bull lies. Fauci the diva was the ring leader, would threaten leaks to push Trump and us back so that he could get his way and continue his lockdown lunacy.