‘We’ll Never Be Fully Vaxxed’; Canadians will be required to get a Covid shot every nine months for the foreseeable future, says Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos; despite that the vaccine may kill you

by Paul Alexander

"Previous definitions of “fully vaccinated” made no sense, he told reporters: “We will never be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.”

We know that all these shots do, all that is accomplished, is they amp up vaccinal antibodies that wane near instantly, and that original antigenic sin in play means you are recalling antibodies to the initial Wuhan legacy strain as this is the content of the vaccine and not the dominant circulating variant e.g. OMI BA.5 etc. So you are getting in Canada a vaccine that is worthless and we have shown how it is damaging the natural and acquired-adaptive immune system. We know that the vaccinal antibodies are non-neutralizing and as such do not sterilize the virus and eliminate it and as such you cannot cut the chain of transmission. You can never ever get to herd immunity (protection of those with weaker immune systems and who cannot take the vaccine) with these non-neutralizing vaccines. We know that the vaccinal antibodies bind to the virus’s spike and facilitates infection to the vaccinated (antibody dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and soon of disease (ADED), in so doing blocking the functionally potent innate antibodies from binding.

So in effect Canada is phucked with this insanity and as I have always said, when we get back to a proper government and we can get proper public inquiries, proper, for both sides, we take this guy, and all his health ministers and all his advisors into a proper court room and examine each decision like this one. From day 1, including the lockdown lunacy. If they were proper, we praise, we hug. If it is shown their decisions were reckless and not science based, and costed lives, caused people to die like many police officers and military who are at risk of future death from these shots, then we impose maximal financial penalties and clean them out of every cent and we imprison them! The public health officials doing this know the wrongs they are doing!


Health Minister