We massively overused intubation and ventilation and with no solid evidentiary basis, none, and we now know it was extremely harmful in that we killed thousands with the ventilator! Who will pay?

by Paul Alexander

Somebody is to pay, who told Trump this was needed? Who? Was it the same corrupted 'Remdesivir' pushing, 'Midazolam' pushing, 'Morphine' pushing, 'sedation' pushing, 'COVID gene injection' devils?

If shown that they knew it was harmful yet was power drunk, that they benefitted financially, if it is show there was corruption and recklessness and neglect, perfidiousness, then I say clean them all out financially and jail them and if judges say they are warranted the death penalty if it is shown they took lives, then we hang them all! Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, Baric, Daszik, Farrar, Pottinger et al. Not my doing, if a legal process and judges and juries say hanging time, then hang them high…I am for that if a judge calls for it!