We need to close our borders for 10 years, shut complete, only legitimate immigration & hard stop for 5 yrs to assimilate all here; stop all foreign aid for 15 years, not one more dollar; fix us first

by Paul Alexander

Turn inward and fix what is wrong inside America first, after 15 years, we will have a talk about what's next, but until then, shut it down, do like other nations; NO MORE! Borders, language, culture!

And I do not mean forever and I mean we use tools that only permits legal approved entrance e.g. families in the pipeline already etc. needed experts. But stop it until we get a handle on who is here etc. I am an immigrant. The system is broken, it’s being abuse by nefarious people seeking to harm Americans.

I stand with Gosar! It is time America takes care of America and all our own peoples, our own poor people, our women, our minorities often sidelined over other nations and groups. I feel pain and sadness but I am sorry, too much for too long. End that now, take care of US first then we circle back to them. We love all peoples but they have responsibility for themselves too. Not because you appear at my border means I take you in! No!

Gosar Doubles Down, Wants ‘Total Foreign Aid Moratorium’ As White House Sends Billions To Ukraine