We told you that CDC (ACIP) was moving to place COVID injection on childhood immunization schedule; Robert Kennedy clued us in near 1.5 years ago; today 15-0 'YES' vote, these are CRIMINALS, CDC, FDA

by Paul Alexander

This is CRIMINAL by the CDC as has no basis; punish the 4 Horsemen Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel in courts etc. & once shown wrong, we imprison them! take their money & jail them for life!

This (being placed on the immunization schedule) gives Pfizer and Moderna permanent liability protection for any harms and deaths from their fraud mRNA injections. This was a vote to protect themselves from prosecution. I tend to agree as I can see no data, no science, no evidence, no sound justification whatsoever, for this. This was indeed self interest.

Dr. Marty Makary says no, this is bull shit! Reckless and no basis.

Imagine the CDC (CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)) is basing this on 8 mice? A study in rodents where the mice actually got sick with disease deep in the lungs. The study used to approve the bivalent booster (Wuhan and BA.4/BA.5 spike antigen). The only human data was based on BA.1 spike that CDC extrapolated from. This is outrageous and dangerous and must not go forward and parents must make this their Thermopylae. Their ‘hot gates’. Under NO condition must parents allow this to go forward. All, everyone in any state must take their child out of school. It is that serious! There is no data, none, nowhere, to show that these vaccines are needed in healthy children and reduces disease in any substantial significant manner.

There is no disease to begin with in healthy near zero risk children. There is a reason why they the CDC or NIH or Pfizer etc. have no data. It is because the baseline risk for infection, hospitalization, ICU, or death, these hard ‘patient-important’ outcomes in children, is ZERO. ‘0’. So you cannot sample ‘power’ a study with a control baseline risk of ‘0’ for how do you show a reduction in risk for an outcome like death when the risk is ‘0’. You cannot. You cannot get less than ‘0’. You will need a sample size of in the millions to tease out any effect and again, the baseline risk is ‘0’. You cannot do it. So these beasts at CDC and NIH and Pfizer and Moderna use outcomes like ‘antibody titers’ and ‘immuno-bridging’ bullocks methods to confuse and lie to you telling you ‘oh, the antibodies went up post vaccine so it works’. Works how? This is pure malfeasance and criminality IMO.

We have been warning you. Many of us. Robert Kennedy, Vanden Bossche, myself. This was the malfeasance of CDC and FDA.

Yet let me nuance this a bit. CDC can ‘recommend’ but it is up to the various states and their governors to mandate. I am studying this up fast and will update. Yet this has always been my understanding. It is up to the states to implement as I understand, and it is here we as parents must punish them and say NO. Vote them all out and never forget them in the future for children will be harmed.

If this goes forward, it will be the first ever vaccine added with no actual clinical data. None on effectiveness or harms. No solid clinical data. None. No data that it reduces infection etc. or illness in the larger community.

Yet we hold each of these malfeasants at CDC to account for this MADNESS and we vote, we vote any and every governor, anyone who males this a policy that a child MUST have these COVID shots to go to school. And if they lie and we make a mistake and vote them back (re-elect) in or ‘in’ in a couple weeks for the mid-terms, we go back in 2 years and remove them all. We also investigate them and once we show wrong, we take their money and jail all of these people, every one last starting with Alex Azar who gave these malfeasants the PREP Act and thus liability protection.

I would investigate Fauci now, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, Walensky, Redfield, all of them and take their money and jail them if wrong is shown.

All of this is to protect the vaccine makers and the CDC and FDA and Fauci and Francis Collins etc. from liability for they know, not ‘if’, but 100% near zero risk healthy children ‘will’ die, not ‘if’, but ‘will’ die from these COVID gene injections. This is to cover their asses. We punish them.

We now must hold each one of these panel members to account, Fauci, Walensky, Bourla, Bancel, all, every one of them and every American parent who dangerously vaccinates their healthy child with these shots, if/when their child gets harmed and God forbid dies, take your dead child to the steps of congress and lay them there and do not move, and cry out to congress “how could you let them do this?” and then cross the street to HHS 200 Independence Avenue where the head of HHS sits and all the alphabet health agency sub-offices and directors and peacefully and civilly lay your dead child at the doors of HHS and call out the HHS Secretary and ask him, “what do I do now for we vaccinated, you forced it for my child to go to school and now they are dead, so what do we do now, and you go to the White House with your dead child and peacefully and civilly lay your child at the front gates and ask for the President. And cry out, “what do we do now Mr. President, we were forced by your mandates and look what happened”.

But parents, listen good, this is the hill you wage your greatest battle and be prepared to lay your life down for. Under no condition, is a healthy child warranted to get these shots and must not be mandated as a condition for school. You stand your ground! This is the hill you defend!


“A CDC panel unanimously voted on Wednesday to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the recommended childhood schedule.

The decision from the agency’s advisory committee (ACIP) would add the Covid-19 shot to the public health agency’s Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program. Fifteen voting members of mostly scientific or medical expert backgrounds make up the panel and are responsible for making vaccine recommendations. All of the panelists are chosen by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services after an application and nomination process.

The ACIP’s Wednesday recommendation now goes to CDC Director Rochelle Walenksy and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for approval. Once approved, the advice will be included in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), a publication of public health information.

“As we’ll be discussing today and tomorrow, the incorporation of the COVID-19 vaccine in the immunization schedule and the vaccines for children or VFC program is an important step in the inclusion of COVID-19 vaccines in a routine vaccination program,” Dr. Sara Oliver, member of the CDC’s ACIP, said.”



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