Week 12 Public health UK COVID vaccine data, published March 25; look at the infections, hospitalizations, deaths week 12 relative to wks 4-11...what do you see? I see from wk 11, infection rise

by Paul Alexander

We see something that I pointed out in the week 11 data over week 10 & suggested last week that we wait to see week 12 data to see if this was idiosyncratic; it appears something structural is at play

Across the examination period, we see consistently that the vaccinated are at higher risk of infection etc. Intuitively, you would have thought that the vaccinated would decrease steadily and stay so and the unvaccinated would increase. But it was never so, rather it was the opposite up to now.

Yet a startling change occurred and the change happens at week 11. We see infections steadily coming down in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated (and we have made the case for the role of the INNATE immune system) yet from week 11, the infections go up. Something happened to the immune response at week 10 (last week of the stable downward infection trend) and it is seen in the week 11 and 12 data now, a reversal in both groups and speaks of a trend that is not idiosyncratic.

We also see as to death, at 28 days for example, there is still 90% of deaths (raw) occurring in the vaccinated (1, 2, 3 doses collapsed) (approx. 200 in the unvaccinated and 1870 in vaccinated, total 2070).

In regards to hospitalization/ER, we see 87% accounted for by vaccinated (1, 2, 3 doses), and again, as with deaths, occurring markedly for the 2nd and 3rd doses and vastly more by the 3rd dose and very escalated for those middled aged e.g. 50 and older.

Why? IMO, the answer lies in these mRNA lipid-nano particle Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. These vaccines have been catastrophic failures and harmful. Have we damaged the natural adaptive-acquired and INNATE immune systems (1st line of defense, innate antibodies, innate NK cells etc.) irreparably? Long-term. I invite virology and immunology experts to help us tease out why this is happening above the devastating effects of the vaccine. Something is terribly wrong with these mRNA vaccines and they have damaged the immune response; the INNATE immune system may have been subverted immensely by the vaccinal antibodies in the VACCINATED; infection is being facilitated via some form of ‘original antigenic sin’ and ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) and the ‘training’ that we were hypothesizing that the INNATE Abs (antibodies) were undergoing due to infection and repeat exposure in the unvaccinated, appears to be hindered now due to prolonged vaccination?

Its weird in that while there is a decrease in vax and unvaxxed rates, the vaxxed remained appreciably more at risk of infection. Across time, the rates are increasing for both the vaccinated 3rd dose over unvaccinated in those 80+ and < 18 years, crude analysis (rate over rate).

Daniel Horowitz mentioned this prior and I looked at it more closely and it seems that elderly persons 80 and over who have gotten the 3rd dose are far more at risk of infection and in weeks 11 and 12 we see that risk even increasing. The ratios weeks 12 to 5 in descending order are (3rd dose vax vs unvaxxed) 80+ and also <18 years are:

Crude ratios:

80+: <18 years:

2.46 0.82

2.19 0.85

1.92 0.84

1.71 0.68

1.59 0.47

1.52 0.35

1.43 0.33

1.41 0.38

1.40 0.46

We even see this pattern of increased risk over time if we took just the 30-39 age band and compared week 12 (now) to week 5 (Cases reported by specimen date between week 1 2022 (w/e 09/01/2022) and week 4 2022 (w/e 30/01/2022)). We see the ratio being:

Week 12 (now): 3.95

Week 5: 1.86

Thus a doubling of risk across time in the vaccinated in persons 30-39. In those 40-49, this is also double risk (4.05 vs 2.2).

Now look at the actual infections across the last 9 weeks. What can you glean? I see that the vaccinated remain at risk but something is happening to our immune systems due to these vaccines and even the unvaccinated are benefitting by remaining unvaccinated in the midst of ongoing infectious pressure (re-exposures).

Week 12 infections

Week 11 infections

Week 10 infections

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