Week 9 UK data on COVID & the latest available Scottish data shows us negative efficacy, & that protection wanes fast & hospitalization & death escalates for booster (3rd) shot; older at greatest risk

by Paul Alexander

We understand that the vaccine drives antibodies IgG in the bloodstream where it is not needed; the immune response is needed in the mucosal lining/layer/barrier where the virus lands

The virus replicates in the upper respiratory tract, nasal-oral pharyngeal space where it lands and hangs out and there is no effective immune response due to this sub-optimal COVID vaccine and response. No wonder virus proliferates and the vaccinated person can become very infected, lungs and lower respiratory tract very sick, and also has the capacity to transmit. The Abs from vaccine (derived from the vaccine injected into the deltoid muscle) are in low concentrations in our airways spaces and lungs where Abs are actually needed. It is the wrong Abs at the wrong time in the wrong location. It was a hot mess immunologically from day 1.

A nasal type spray vaccine that provokes the immune response directly to the mucosal layer was needed, not this type of COVID vaccine in the deltoid muscle, and thus out of the gate, the mechanics were completely wrong and begs the question, how? How could they get this so very wrong?

The UK and Scottish data show us that those double vaccinated versus unvaccinated persons has a far greater risk of dying and becoming infected. We see that the risk declines by 3rd shot (booster) of infection etc. but the risk of severe illness and death is very high for the vaccinated especially as age increases from 40s to 50s and above and especially the elderly. This is why so many of our parents and grand parents have died post vaccine, they account for the majority of hospitalization and death e.g. near 90% in most instances as per data. We also see the protection decreases very fast the more we vaccinate, that is, the more shots that are administered.

What am I saying? I am saying what I said two years ago and sadly the data has shown us, that the vaccine was not needed as we had early treatment and all we needed was to properly protect the vulnerable and allow the rest of society to live largely normal lives. We in effect are killing people, will kill our children with these vaccines, and there WILL be many police officers and military that will die due to these vaccines. If you have taken one, two, shots, please take no more. The vaccine has failed, always did, the vaccine makers lied with the data and effectiveness etc. It never ever worked and it is very unsafe! They must and will be held accountable for what they have done. Stop, governments must stop this vaccine, period! We have told them this for 2 years, go back and read what I and Geert and McCullough have said for well over one year now on these vaccines.

UK data of interest, week 9 2022:

Week 9

We see that infection risk is declined across all age-groups week 8 to 9. Why? We see the same pattern for infection for the prior weeks too? Why? This goes back to what I had shared in a prior post and I confess I have developed appreciation from my study of Dr. Vanden Bossche’s thinking. I will explain it in a manner stripping away the complex aspects that I too get confused over;-) …so here goes:

As to the vaccinated (2nd column from the left, persons in receipt of the 3rd booster in week 9, 8, 7 etc.), the theory is (and likely what is happening) that by vaccinating with the current mRNA vaccines that induces antibodies (Ab) to the original Wuhan strain, then the vaccine cannot hit the current dominant omicron (OMI) variant (original antigenic sin/antibody dependent enhancement). There is resistance of OMI spike to the vaccinal Abs and due to this resistance, the natural innate immunity, and specifically the innate Abs, are no longer subverted and outcompeted by the vaccinal Abs. Remember, vaccinal Abs are high affinity and more specific than the low affinity and specific innate Abs (though very potent and broad); thus if the neutralizing vaccinal Abs can no longer outcompete the innate Abs, then the innate Abs are ‘set free’ and over time (across weeks, as seen here), regains its functional capacity to eliminate the virus (sterilize the virus).

What does this mean? Stop the vaccine, do not vaccinate any more, do not make an OMI specific vaccine! Stop!

Is there an impact on the risk of death in week 9 UK data? Do we see this still as it was clear all prior weeks 2021 and early 2022:

Yes, 80-90% of hospitalizations and deaths are happening in the vaccinated and as age increases, look at the data at age 60 and above.

Look at the hospitalization risk (50 and above) week 9 UK data, it is the vaccinated at devastating risk:

As you consider the UK damaging data, look at this current week Scottish data that also rolls up a full 4-week period (we will not get this granular data anymore as they are now with holding it):

Most updated Public Health Scotland COVID-19 & Winter Statistical Report As at 14 February 2022 Publication date: 16 February 2022

page 37, Table 13: PCR-confirmed COVID-19 age-standardized case rate per 100,000 individuals by vaccine status, seven-day rolling average from 15 January 2022 to 11 February 2022

What do we see below as to cases? We see clearly that the cases (infection risk) among the vaccinated are far higher than the unvaccinated and the double vaccinated are highest, yet even the triple boosted. We told these people across the world that this would happen and they would not listen; we told them to not mass vaccinate during a pandemic with such high infectious pressure, and sub-optimal immune pressure.

Table 14: Age-standardised rate of acute hospital admissions where an individual had a COVID-19 positive PCR test up to 14 days prior, on admission, or during their stay in hospital, by week and vaccination status, 15 January 2022 to 11 February 2022

What do we see as to hospitalizations?

Double vaccinated are at greatest risk.

Table 15: Number of confirmed COVID-19 related deaths by vaccination status at time of test and age-standardised mortality rate per 100,000, 08 January 2022 to 04 February 2022

What do we see as to deaths? We see:

unvaccinated: we see across Jan up to Feb 4th, that double and triple vaccinated incurred most deaths, for a total of 61 in unvaccinated to 415 in the vaccinated; 476 deaths in all across this 4 week period with 87% occurring in the vaccinated; thats right, I wrote that, near 90% of deaths are in the vaccinated in Scotland with a massive spike in the triple vaccinated (boosted), raw data.

How about this? Focus on the peak of each curve by vaccine status in this graph here you will see the unvaccinated have a much shallower increase: