Were classified documents put in Biden houses & garages for Hunter to access them to gather intel re Ukraine? Hunter had access, was this set up so Hunter could read? Obama knew? Impeach Obama & Biden

by Paul Alexander

IMO, just my opinion, this is very serious, Biden had no right to any classified documents, he was not POTUS, question is, was Obama in on this money laundering too, hence docs?

‘When asked why he would store these documents in his Delaware garage by Fox News, Biden responded that it was “in a locked garage” with his Corvette. Yeah…my garage is locked too, but it would be easy enough for someone to get inside if they put in a little effort.’

And you beasts want to imprison Trump, some said execute him for documents? Lets see what you say and do now. But I am arguing, they are so depraved, the left and media and deepstate, for their own purposes, will destroy Biden so that could arrest and hurt Trump. King for King. Trump deranges them. It is actually funny to look on at.