Were we really assholes as felt by CDC, NIH & HHS? Did Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky, Birx, Bourla, Bancel, Hahn, Azar, Jha etc. think we are & were assholes? That our kids were stupid assholes???

by Paul Alexander

Tell me what you think, reply, comment, let us debate it for to me, they sure thought of us as morons & assholes, stupid idiots for what they pulled off on us; yet I think you were way smarter; you?

Did they think our children were assholes and can just be abused with their COVID lunatic school closure policies and the fraud gene injection? Did they think McCullough was a moron? Or Risch? That Oskoui was an idiot? When they stood up for right and showed you the real science? Or I was a fool? Did they? That Atlas was insane? Did the alphabet agency morons at CDC and NIH think they could shine the shoes of these above named technical experts, dripping with acumen and depth the likes they could never have.

Look around, we are vindicated now, it has all come full-circle and these malfeasants are running to the hills, and while they may have thought so, that they can dehumanize and devastate the society and harm and kill people, that you could kill our children with your lockdowns and fraud injection, and then get away with it, look around, we are running toward them now, it is them running away, sending out their flip flopping prior supporters and advocates to now tell us they are on our side. No, no amnesty, we won’t let them.


That’s the real devil, the medical doctors around us, who denied natural immunity saying it was inferior to vaccinal immunity when we had 2,500 years of evidence that it was real and 100% bullet proof, who helped the governments mandate a fraud failed deadly mRNA-DNA gene injection that did not sterilize/neutralize the virus (did not stop infection, replication, or transmission), who helped sedate our parents with paralytics, midazolam, diamorphine, with deadly toxic drugs, intubated and ventilated and blew up our parents lungs, who left them in isolation and misery in the dark back rooms of the hospitals, dying, lonely, we could not even see them to give a touch, nor even bury them, malnourished, dehydrated, pumped with Fauci’s kidney and liver toxic Remdesivir. You want to talk hell-worthy feral, banal, fecal devil? Talk then about medical doctors around us. Then you are really describing too the legacy media, especially the ones in Washington, DC. That is putridity in spades.

And you want me to forget you? Never! It is never too late to apologize for your malevolence, but there will be proper legal justice for you all who did this, who ransacked our lives and society.

We want real justice and accountability in proper legal forums. We want their money taken away and many of them imprisoned for they caused deaths of innocent people by their lockdown lunacy and fraud mRNA technology gene injection. We want death penalty too if a court warrants this. I will agree if a judge calls for it. No argument by me. Place the death penalty on the table, even for senators, MPs, MPPs, congresspeople who played a role in costing lives, once shown in proper legal settings, leaders of nations too.