West to Malone: 'please, could you instruct the "inventor of the mRNA vaccine" to pack his marbles and come home from the playground? Given the catastrophic impact of his precious invention as

by Paul Alexander

deployed by the governments of the world, he's surely the last man on earth who should be trying to exert a "chilling effect" on anything -- and especially not on the speech of doctors and scientists.


‘An invention ‘deployed by the governments of the world, he's surely the last man on earth who should be trying to exert a "chilling effect" on anything -- and especially not on the speech of doctors and scientists. People are dying from these (his base technology, insert) shots all around. We need help. Debate. Breakthroughs. Not silence, not fear of being dragged to court for speaking up.

I agree with West 100%. IMO, they tried to create a Malone persona (larger than life) for pimpers and money whore miserable inept opportunistic doctors and scientists (and wanna be media) to use Malone and he to make money, to pimp and deceive the donor public to keep giving their hard earned money, now a bunch of fear porn people when we all know its over. Even the Freedom Fighter media is fear porn morons, suck ups. Lost all credibility for they let Malone sell his shit and never once questioned him properly. They know who they are **cough cough EPOCH et al. cough cough**; still my boy Yan, you know I love you!

But what we have seen is the emperor has zero clothes, Malone has no gravitas, nothing, just a gray beard, no one is interested save the band of merry doctors he trapes around with sucking up to him for money and call outs and self congrats, platitudes etc. Going around attacking The Wellness Company (TWC.health)


because the Wellness Company (TWC.health) did what they cannot. Actually doing good by Americans and Canadians and globe with a superb line of supplements to help save lives, offers support as the science matures and is refined on NATTOKINASE etc., telemedicine, and good scientific information for informed decision making. The likes of Risch, McCullough, me Alexander, Trozzi, Gessling, Amerling, Ponesse, Hodkinson, Makis, Peter G, Brandon K, Jen V etc. So they, TWC detractors steep with Malone’s sycophants, bitch in their corner crying attacking Ahmad Malik, Foster, me when these people can’t do squat. Just bitch in envy.

Even Kennedy has distanced and good for him. Malone will doom his campaign and image for the mRNA technology questions will begin that not even smooth Bobby can’t answer with a straight face so good move Bobby, I like you even more! And if Trump was not on deck, I would vote for you. I would. Lust demons and all. I think you are fundamentally a good human being. Man, player etc. but decent, America loving. I like you Bobby, quite a lot, think you are real, no matter what crap they say in media. Even Bannon is running cold now. They know the game.

But in the end, the Malone ship has sailed, no one is interested. No one. People get the crap, it was a fake persona and when you think of it, he is the last person to sue and should be hiding for it is his mRNA technology with Kariko and Weissman and others that has killed people. These people, with Malone, must be dragged into a proper legal setting, court, with judges to ensure fairness, and questioned fully under oath. Yes, his mRNA technology forms the core basis of the very same mRNA vaccines that have killed. You may not want to think of it that way but that is a fact. And after proper hearings, if these people have caused harms, then the legal system must deal with them. Malone and all. Anyone. We follow the legal system. Malone’s technology has killed people and what he did was fascinating and a boss move.

He knew what he invented and he knew the harms and capitalized on the upside getting rich off tax payer money (all these inventors, fame, money etc.) IMO, yet had no interest in the ‘safety’, of mRNA technology, with LNPs, exosomes etc. never safety tested it, no long term studies, nothing, just Nobels, ahhhh dreams of Nobels….and when he knew the shit was hitting the fan, he and his colleagues jumped on our side (anti-COVID vaccine side) to now capitalize on the downside ride and has hid in plain sight, in your face, the maker of the technology that kills, so much so that the congress is grilling people but seems to forget Robert when he is a star player. Boss move Robert!

Questions on reverse transcription, DNA plasmids, damage to mitchondria, leaving the injection site, immune tolerance, how long mRNA, spike, subunits etc. stays in the tissue, body, escaping RNAases and immune system and body’s defense mechanisms etc. to degrade a foreign protein like spike etc. Malone and Kariko et al. have answers to many serious questions but no one is asking them because the askers may be doxed and money cut off from donors. The COVID movement is now a putrid mess of money whore people and donors in incestuous relationships etc. prostrating themselves for more money.

Word to them, “it is over”!

What a hot mess and Malone is in the middle of it. West is correct.

I liked Malone even when others had serious questions of his role in this deadly mRNA technology. I did. I stood on stage with him and we cross thread only when I defended Breggin and McCullough against his attacks. I only did what was right for MAlone was and is wrong! His lawyer is the biggest idiotic stupid lawyer in the game, what a ding dong!

I ask Malone to stand up now, the game has gone on too long, the dog and pony band ring circus, stand up, join McCullough, me, Risch, Ruby, Stew, Breggin, Amerling, Hodkinson, Trozzi, Malik, Gessling, Foster, etc. join us, let us find answers, let us debate, tell us all you did and the harms you knew as to the mRNA and when you knew it, and tell us, we will understand, we are only human, tell us why you were silent and that silence caused thousands, millions to take the deadly shot. Tell us if you were threatened, or incentivized, to be silent, we are even forgiving. We will help you. We just want the truth and we wish to move on and we want you back as a pipetting chemist which is what you are, back in the lab with Kariko who you said you mentored and she said you lied, we want you with her finding an antidote please.

Help us! Find that antidote.

btw, this response is to what Kat did by going at Malik and Aseem due to their interest in The Wellness Company and the Spike Symposium in Dallas. Others can be silent and cower, but me, well, I just cannot be that way. I am like Clint Eastwood’s mule, I get a bit upset by that and I react.

Minute 1.30:

I am playing with you all each time you attack us, I play. You, Malone’s sycophants. I play with you and I want to write that here. You are babies. When you attack me. I know each thing you do for I have soldiers in your camp. ;-) Good news for you Robert is that I am not serious yet. I think you all are a bunch of children, running in circles. And I do like you Robert. I want us to kiss and make up! I really do. I will forget your crap and what you did on media to defame me and what your camp did to me and others cough cough ** John L cough cough ** etc. How you attack good people who simply have questions. Yes, to me and others. Why you did it? I don’t know and do not care.

Let’s just kiss and make up. And you Malone sycophants, stop getting the vapors and clutching your pearls and hyperventilating. Let us kiss and make up, come to the table.

Time to come home Robert, help us fix this for folk like me, we don’t buy your garbage. This game. Never did. We only want lives saved. We know you have antidote answers and want you to step up. Please tell us. I think we can kiss and make up and break bread together again, we can all come to the place to swim together again in the same pond. I want to! It is time the Malone camp understands that we work together, may not even like each other, but we have to work together.