WET MARKET zoonotic spillover is wrong! LAB-LEAK theory is right! COVID (SARS-CoV-2) began "June 2019", NOT Dec 2019 or Feb 2020; was spreading in 2018? see "a SARS-CoV-2 progenitor capable (M Senger)

by Paul Alexander

of producing a measles-like syndrome may have emerged in late June-late July 2019 & that viruses with mutations characterizing B.1 strain may have been spreading globally before first Wuhan outbreak"

DASZAK, Fauci, Francis Collins, Baric, Bourla, Bancel, Birx, Azar. These 8 Horsemen of the Apocalypse I want investigated first in proper legal public inquiries, proper, to assess their roles in the lives lost due to the lockdowns and school closures and these fraud fake ineffective and harmful COVID gene injections. If shown right, we celebrate them and award them. The dealt with a difficult situation. Yet if shown they were reckless and dangerous and caused lives to be lost, then we clean them out financially and imprison them all! We start here but we have many, many in Trump and Biden administration, including Walensky, Becerra et al. and all the policy makers and deciders in CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID etc. like Marks, Woodcock, Redfield…I do not care who you were and are, if your decisions causes our parents and grand-parents to die, and our children, then we jail you! Save Giroir, I will investigate all.

This paper by Amendola and Tanzi raises a huge amount of issues as to the origins and initial spread and points to the lab-leak as the source and not wet-market zoonotic spillover.

My colleague Michael Senger (Brownstone Institute debate) makes a cogent well thought out argument on earlier transmission, and not wet-market.

I am embedding text and pdfs for the malfeasants in media and IT and CDC and NIH and Fauci and Francis Collins and DASZAK and Baric will take these published papers down. The beasts Fauci and Francis Collins and Baric et al. were juicing up the coronavirus in the lab, mocking with the spike protein (insertion of furin cleavage site/proteolytic cleavage site within the S1-S2 sub-unit) to make it more infectious and lethal; some say to do battle-field study etc. and some say for some malfeasance. Potentially political. I do not know.

We just do not know yet. But we will find out. However, 100% this is man-made and it got out, accidental or deliberate and I lean to the latter, I argue a deliberate accident and I will debate anyone based on my knowledge of biological warfare and terrorism, my expertise, this was deliberate. The issue is ‘who’ and ‘why’? Which nations? Which health experts and scientists? CDC? NIH people? NIAID people? WHO? Who? China? High-level US scientists? Technocrats?

Importantly, it cannot be from the wet market and ANGELA RASMUSSEN AND MICHAEL WOROBEY are flat wrong (SOURCE)! This is a lab-leak origin, man-made. They write in their argument for a December 2019 wet market origin: “When we extracted the geographical co-ordinates of the residential locations from the earliest known cases from December, 2019, and plotted them on a map of Wuhan, they clearly formed a clear cluster with the market at the dead centre.”

But if this is the first cluster that places the wet market in Wuhan as the origin, then how do they account for this stunning evidence where origin (or start of spread) seems maybe in June 2019 or even September 2019. It just CANNOT be the wet market as the origin of initial spread. Cannot!

My colleague Michael Senger (Jeff Tucker’s Brownstone Institute), other global academic scientists and myself are debating this and I give huge praise to Michael for his helpful insights on this, modelling out the timelines.


Do not worry, we will get to the bottom of this…we will hold them all accountable who caused deaths of healthy people with their lockdown lunacy and COVID gene injections that have proven harmful and ineffective.


“Mutations typical of B.1 strains previously reported to have emerged in January 2020 (C3037T, C14408T, and A23403G), were identified in samples collected as early as October 2019 in Lombardy. One of these mutations (C14408T) was also identified among sequences downloaded from public databases that were obtained by others from samples collected in Brazil in November 2019. We conclude that a SARS-CoV-2 progenitor capable of producing a measles-like syndrome may have emerged in late June-late July 2019 and that viruses with mutations characterizing B.1 strain may have been spreading globally before the first Wuhan outbreak.”

‘Although complete genome sequencing would be critical to confirm our observations, these results imply that a lineage of the coronavirus substantially different from the putative progenitor was likely already circulating at that time, pushing back the predicted date of the progenitor SARS-CoV-2 to the period between late June 2019 and late July 2019.’

see also:

‘We identified severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 RNA in an oropharyngeal swab specimen collected from a child with suspected measles in early December 2019, ≈3 months before the first identified coronavirus disease case in Italy. This finding expands our knowledge on timing and mapping of novel coronavirus transmission pathways.’ https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/27/2/20-4632_article