What? 800 times more cases among ALL vaccinated people (3%) manifest & results in heart muscle damage; Swiss study (Basel); measured cardiac troponin in blood of employees 3 days post booster; Müller

by Paul Alexander

Did they tell you this before you took the COVID gene injection? Müller recorded elevated cardiac troponin levels in a higher percentage of vaccinated individuals than expected.

3% of ALL vaccinated people manifest & results in some level of heart muscle damage.

Did the news, the legacy media, CNN, CBS, NBC, Fauci, Walensky, Njoo, Tam, CBC in Canada, Biden, anyone, did anyone publish this study and hold discussions as to the implications? Did you know of this study in Switzerland? Did Trudeau tell you of this or Doug Ford? Did any of the medical persons in Alberta tell you of this study? Ontario? Did Hochul?

Researchers found evidence of temporary mild damage to cardiac cells in 22 of the 777 participants, that is, in 2.8% instead of the anticipated 0.0035% which is 800 times more! So there is damage to the heart in 3% of persons who take the COVID shots and which is 800 times what was thought to be the risk of 0.0035% (0.0035 per 100).

Does Dr. Müller with his spectacles and smile not give you oozing comfort to rush and take the shot?

I covered this prior but wanted to again given my new subscribers. Put this one in your reading library.

800 times (fold) more!