What a bunch of garbage, US military (Air Force Academy) says you cannot say 'Mom' or 'Dad', must call them 'caregivers'; what a load of BS, this woke gender-neutral garbage nonsense

by Paul Alexander

We have China thinking of invading us one day, we have Iran, bad actors globally and terrorists coming in the Southern border; we should be focused on fighting war and not this bollocks

In yet another indication of how wokeness has permeated the American military under the Biden administration, Air Force cadets have been instructed not to use gender-specific terms like “Mom” or “Dad” and replace such terms with words such as “parent” or “caregiver.”

That instruction was featured at the Air Force Academy in Colorado as part of cadets’ “Diversity and inclusion (D&I) training,” The New York Post reports. “Our leaders have deemed D&I a warfighting imperative,” the cadets were told.