What a bunch of loons, these lockdown & COVID fraud gene injection lunatics like Fauci & Birx & Njoo & Tam: "The Dangerous New Cult Calling for Permanent Lockdowns in the name of ‘Equity’"

by Paul Alexander

These leftist morons worshiping Francis Collins & Fauci insanity want face masks, lockdowns & gene vaccines forever! Lives not impacted so don't mind! The New Yorker loon Emma Green (E Oster 2.0!)

IMO, sick fools, dangerous psychos for the madness they call for. These bitch*s can catch up on some reading as they pull flint from their navels, and walk their dogs and uber out and AMAZON shop and hide in their basements, or should we say ‘mommy’s basement’.




‘The New Yorker has published a disturbing article by Emma Green (’The Case For Wearing Masks Forever’) on the political activists in America demanding we lockdown forever in the name of racial justice. They sound like textbook left-wing loons, but we know from bitter experience that these post-Christian, quasi-religious cults have a nasty habit of infecting state bureaucracies, particularly in public health – and that already appears to be happening with respect to this cult.’

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