What? BBC is now admitting that EXCESS deaths (& all-cause mortality) greater in 2022 than last 50 years in UK? Now? We have been showing you data near 2 years now! 4 reasons for this, main is vaccine

by Paul Alexander

It's vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine! Deaths are due to i) virus (little) ii)delayed treatment now people very ill in advanced sequelae iii) terrible medical system treatment iv)the mRNA-DNA shot

It’s the vaccine, you stupid, it’s the vaccine!




i)some deaths due to the pathogen, most early 2020 but little now, from 2021 to 2022 to now 2023

ii)deaths due to delayed treatment and now people die due to the advanced diseased state e.g. advanced heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.

iii)the devastating effects of the mRNA technology itself and the LNP that encases the toxic mRNA as well the pathogenic synthetic spike protein that drives the immune response; this accounts today for the vast majority of deaths

iv)the abusive treatment of the vulnerable and elderly within the healthcare system, the nursing homes etc.; this kills them as they are weak and vulnerable; the moving from nursing home to hospital and back and forth

v)the devastating care via the ‘COVID program’ our elderly get within the hospitals when we take them there e.g. denoted as COVID positive with a flawed fraud over-cycled 95% false-positive PCR test, pumped with dangerous antipsychotics, midazolam, diamorphine to sedate etc., pumped with a range of toxic drugs, isolated, malnourished, dehydrated, pumped with Remdesivir that is kidney and liver toxic that kills them, and intubated and ventilated that kills/killed them.

It’s the vaccine, you stupid, it’s the vaccine!