What bullshit: "Vice President Kamala Harris was mocked on social media Tuesday after making an odd introduction during an event, which included listing her preferred pronouns: "she and her."

by Paul Alexander

Harris also made a point of mentioning that she is "a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit."; this is why the US is in trouble, as islamists think of how to kill us...and China plots

Do you think Putin or Xi will ever say this crap at a meeting? This is so idiotic, so absurd I have no words…

ok, so here is my introduction:

I am Dr. Paul Alexander, I am me, a male, a man, 100% man, meat-eating carnivore, heterosexual, born male will die male, non-pink poisse hat wearing male, alpha, Christian, lover of nation, flag, anthem, police, military, won’t identify as any political party as all are corrupt, but libertarian best describes me or conservatarian.


WATCH: Kamala Harris lists pronouns and describes outfit before event