What can possibly go wrong? "Moderna begins trialing mRNA shot that is injected directly into the HEART to treat heart attack patients"; are these people insane? Huge risk for cardiac disaster!!

by Paul Alexander

If the mRNA is going to be housed within lipid-nano particles (LPN), then between mRNA and LNP this can be devastating; can someone with 10% of a brain explain to me what they are thinking?



I would like to see them get ethics approval given how devastating the mRNA gene injection has acted thus far. Would it be ethical to give an investigational shot to such a vital organ? Is the thinking that these people have had heart attacks, and are at high risk of death, so even an experimental intervention would be welcomed. Yet is this ethical given it can kill them and these people without this, could and often live normal full lives. To me, this is only about distracting us from the COVID failures and making money. They have a massive PR firm and office daily seeking ways to befuddle us.