What? China tells US to calm down over spy balloon over US; calm down? what bullsh*t, blow it to hell up, shoot it down & also send 2 B1-B bombers to China & incinerate all Wuhan Fentanyl labs & WIV

by Paul Alexander

Did Hunter approve this? Don't talk about it, blow it up; WIV= Wuhan Institute of Virology & all the precursor Fentanyl labs, and warn people, give them 6 hours to vacate and blow all these labs up

Stop talking about this crap and just blow it up, shoot it down NOW! Shoot all shit like this down and discuss after. This makes the US military look so disorganized and weak, I am afraid. Is this blimp taking shots of all our nuclear missiles, locations etc.? How stupid can we be, just blow the damn thing up!

It gets worse for Jeff Childers shared that there could be another one parked over Canada that may move across the US shortly. What? Is this the first time?

China says it is a weather device and of course, we BELIEVE China, of course we do. China is busting a gut over America. The chance of me growing a third male tit represents the likelihood of me believing China. Or for that matter what the Biden administration tells you next about this for I cannot tell the difference between the two.

Blow this shit up, we wall ask questions later. Simple question: should it be there? Answer: No! Then solution: blow it to hell up. I think people in the Biden administration under directives from the real POTUS Obama and VP Susan Rice, approved China’s flying of that balloon. Maybe it’s for some Netflix show….yes, maybe we will get full facts shortly, and also, ask Paul ‘eunuch’ Ryan, the greatest sell out of America, if he knows about this, likely he does.