What did Robert Malone mean after the media accredited biochemist Katalin Karikó as being an mRNA-vaccine pioneer when he told her in e-mail exchanges “This is not going to end well,”; meaning what?

by Paul Alexander

What did he mean? Karikó responded; while Malone tells everyone that he is her mentor, she said he is NOT & she said "It’s Malone, who has been overstating his accomplishments."

Did Malone threaten the safety of Dr. Katalin Karikó? I read it as a threat. He needs to explain this threat or statement.

Would you feel threatened if someone who was in angry conflict with you warned you in writing, “This is not going to end well”?

Karikó: There are “hundreds of scientists who contributed more to mRNA vaccines than he did.” He is not the inventor.

One target of Malone’s ire, the biochemist Katalin Karikó, has been featured in multiple news stories as an mRNA-vaccine pioneer. CNN called her work “the basis of the Covid-19 vaccine” while a New York Times headline said she had “helped shield the world from the coronavirus.” None of those stories mentioned Malone. “I’ve been written out of the history,” he has said. “It’s all about Kati.” Karikó shared with me an email that Malone sent her in June, accusing her of feeding reporters bogus information and inflating her own accomplishments. “This is not going to end well,” Malone’s message says.

Karikó replied that she hadn’t told anyone that she is the inventor of mRNA vaccines and that “many many scientists” contributed to their success. “I have never claimed more than discovering a way to make RNA less inflammatory,” she wrote to him. She told me that Malone referred to himself in an email as her “mentor” and “coach,” though she says they’ve met in person only once, in 1997, when he invited her to give a talk. It’s Malone, according to Karikó, who has been overstating his accomplishments. There are “hundreds of scientists who contributed more to mRNA vaccines than he did.”

I think it is a fair question to ask, why this animosity by Malone against this female scientist? What did he mean by it will not end well for her? He is a public figure and places many things in the public, the Atlantic wrote about this exchange and so I ask Malone to explain this please in the public. Does he still feel the same towards her today? I think it will be useful for the public to get an update and I am trying to reach Dr. Karikó to interview her.

Malone has several key questions to answer and he has not as yet. What he has written does not address the clarity at which we ask it. No fluff:

1)why was Malone silent about the mRNA and LNP and vaccine leaving the injection site when he know it must leave for the mechanism of action? He remained silent while the CDC, NIH, and other health officials and doctors lied to the public and the public took it and many died from the mRNA technology injection.

see: https://www.pnas.org/doi/pdf/10.1073/pnas.86.16.6077

2)why was Malone silent about the mRNA not dissolving and coming out as waste etc. when he knew it was not going to dissolve in hours or a day as we were lied to by the CDC etc. He knew this was a lie and so why was he silent? Specifically on this.

3)why has Malone consistently said that the shots are not completely or properly safe and that it was rushed when he knows that you cannot test your way to safety? Studying an unsafe product ‘longer’ will not make it then become safe. It is already unsafe. He knows that the shots (the mRNA technology and LNPs) are unsafe as we clearly see and that no amount of testing will make them become safe. That is not the issue, the issue is they are unsafe, PERIOD.

4)as per recent reports, why was Malone silent from the time he placed a January 2020 paper in ResearchGate to when he started speaking out against the shots, when he knew that the mRNA technology would drive ADE? That period of silence failed to inform the public what he knew even if the paper was in ResearchGate. It makes no sense you would place a paper saying something you did is dangerous and should not be given to humans, into a near hidden portal (only known really and accessed by scientists and researchers), and then remain silent. The public did not know about this paper and the key issue is this, from January 2020 to when he spoke out. I am not referring to other periods. That period. Why the silence when for over one year it appears he failed to warn the public adequately?

5)why did Malone take so long, years, years, before calling for the mRNA technology shot as the inventor, to be stopped? Way behind Freedom movement leader Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch etc.

5)when will Dr. Malone take proper interviews and questions from subject matter experts like Geert Vanden Bossche, questions we want answered, questions provided by persons seeking answers? Not scripted answers.

As an investigative reporter and scientist, scientist to scientist, I am very interested in these questions and more.

They are going to try to cancel and silence me for articles like this, yes, in the very same COVID Freedom movement I help start, yes they would and have tried and continue to silence people like me, but they cannot. Bring it on! I will never be silenced, none of your donor money can move me. None of your threats to pull donor money, shove it! Up yours! You should not have held donor money over me that you take, imagine that, you are flossing with other people money ha ha ha, not even your own. Try getting a real job will you.

I very much will like to have a discussion interview with Robert Malone on this matter, to ask him what is happening here as printed in Atlantic. I want him to come to my podcast to discuss for there are several questions. I could interview him by zoom or however.