What did the Biden administration do to Americans? How much risk at the Southern border are we in due to Biden's invasion of America for Biden has invaded America! ISIS recruit smuggled in illegals,

by Paul Alexander

that's what! they sought asylum at southern border with Mexico earlier this year, a scramble set off when US intelligence officials found that migrants traveled with help of a smuggler with ISIS links

Thanks Joe, thanks…Biden has invaded America and we know Trump was right, in those illegals who I say each and everyone must be sent back, from 10 years ago, retroactive, there are rapists and murderers and Fentanyl mules and drug smugglers and middle eastern and North African militant islamists intent on harming Americans etc.

Biden is doing this and they do not care, key is to remake America in Obama’s image and weaken America and give all her secrets to China, Iran etc. Obama damaged the US devastatingly by giving Iran US secrets, yes, he did, our drone, our naval gunboats, cash money to enrich and put them on path to develop a nuke bomb. Obama was a clear Iran stooge sympathesizer. We will learn in time just how much damage Obama did to America and he turned a blind eye to Joe because Joe turned a blind eye to him (his misdeeds against America) and Kankles lady. Don’t forget Madame kankles.

My sense is Israel will act soon to mitigate that risk. I agree.