What? Dr. Paul Offit is plagiarizing now, using my words! para Younger, healthy people don't need another Covid booster! Protecting against Covid infection with current mRNA technology is unrealistic!

by Paul Alexander

This is a stunner! We know the fraud COVID narrative was crumbling due to the smarts and critical thinking of the public, of YOU, yet we did not think dolts like Offit would cave so completely!

Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter
BOMBSHELL! FDA's Dr. Paul A. Offit now says what about the mRNA COVID gene injection that he helped approve for EUA? What? Is he smelling interior of jail cell? Gruber & Krause, please lend him stones
SOURCE: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2215780%EF%BF%BC…
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Will Offit now be cancelled? Blacklisted? Will the media e.g. TWITTER, Facebook etc. and the crazy insane government officials now move to smear and lock him out as they have to me, to us, to McCullough, to us freedom warriors fighting tyranny?