What happened in UK, Ireland etc.? WHO, EU? Did they see something bad in the data? Why are they tripping over themselves to end mandates this week, vs forcing us last week? I sense terror in them!

by Paul Alexander

Pitiful & shows just how much over her head she is; this CDC Director Walensky makes Redfield blush; jokes aside, I liked Red as a good person; undercut by CDC; Rochelle is dumb as a box of hammers

I sense they are in terror! Something is about to drop that is bad!

Is something about to be made known about the vaccines that will shock the world as to the lethality of the vaccines? That was covered up? The real harms data the media has lied about? That would explain why these very same people are running away from Boosters now? That the vaccinated could go stark raving insane when they realize they were misled and actually were put in harms way? I mean, one week, just last week everyone is threatening you with hanging if you don't jab, now this week whispering that it is not needed???? What's up with that? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, could someone get Bueller to explain this please…for we went from:

Now, over to Rochelle. Well, what can I say for she is breath taking. She is qualified & I admire that and as a person, is likely a wonderful person and maybe better than I; I cannot disparage personally but she is indeed a dimwit, incompetent, and lies too easily; show her the EU & WHO advisors on boosters please. Show her the Scottish and British data on boosters as she seems not up on things. Even Boula of Pfizer is ancy on boosters now…hhhhmmmm, I wonder what he knows…



UK: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1049160/Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-3-2022.pdf

I think someone must inform Rochelle that the EU and WHO and many others are now running away from boosters; it is near zero effect, near NONE, ineffective and is damaging immune systems; someone school the lady please, she is embarrassing herself! As they say, “clean up on isle six as Rochelle is in da house…please have a mop handy…”.

Based on what Rochelle said today (below), if I could get in touch, I would say “Rochelle, COVID is over! It is done, Omicron is a gift so grab it! No one needs boosters…Rochelle, take a look at the Scotland and UK data released this week and if you cannot understand the data nor anyone at the CDC, please write me and I will be pleased to explain it to you.”

Here is Rochelle today:

“You Need to Get Your Booster in Order to Be Up to Date” – Walensky Says Definition of Fully Vaccinated is Being Changed to Include Covid Booster (VIDEO)