What Is the FBI Trying To Hide About Its Raid on Innocent Americans' Safe Deposit Boxes?; Federal prosecutors want to keep key details about the planning & execution of the March 2021 raid hidden

by Paul Alexander

The FBI raided a private business to seize safe deposit boxes & assets belonging to hundreds of people not suspected of having committed any crimes; every American should follow this case!


‘As Reason has previously reported, there are substantial constitutional issues raised by the FBI's raid of U.S. Private Vaults that ought to worry any American concerned about privacy.’

Now, prosecutors are trying to keep the public in the dark about why the brazen forfeiture effort was undertaken in the first place—and are offering little justification for why such secrecy is necessary.

‘But agents seized hundreds of safe deposit boxes anyway, then opened many of them and rifled through their contents under the guise of cataloging the items. That effort seems to have been a little more than a fishing expedition in search of additional criminality, and attorneys for the victims of the FBI's warrantless search are now asking that all records created by that effort be destroyed.’