What is wrong with these people? Can't they get their bio-safety labs more secured? ‘Second Lab Leak’ from Pfizer’s India Operations'? What the hell? CDC too? a group of macaque monkeys reportedly

by Paul Alexander

attacked a laboratory assistant in Delhi India and escaped with a number of coronavirus blood samples. The monkeys “snatched Covid-19 blood samples from four patients and fled the facilities

Good God, what is going on with these people? You learn of small-pox vials gone astray under control by the CDC? Can’t the CDC do anything right? It phucked up the COVID testing and basically screwed America for 5 to 6 weeks as the virus initially seeded across the Eastern and Western flanks of US. You did know that right? That CDC put out a failed botched COVID test initially that screwed the pandemic response.

Alarmingly, the CDC said ‘incident reports cover a time period before the Atlanta-based agency created a new lab-safety office in the wake of three high-profile incidents during 2014 with anthraxEbola and a deadly strain of bird flu.’ Yes, CDC had these highly pathological microbes in their control and lost it temporarily. Did you know this?


What a failure of a health agency today.

Now we learn of this with the kleptomaniac monkeys in India? If this was a secured lab, did the monkeys have the code to exit the secure gates? I mean, this is laughable too when you think of it.

Is this the origin of prior Delta sub-variant for we know it likely emerged in India from all reports???



Pfizer announced back in September 2020 that it was conducting COVID-19-related studies with macaque monkeys. Less than a month later, the Delta variant of the virus was discovered in Maharashtra, India. Pfizer has been operating in India since 1950, with its headquarters in Mumbai, a densely populated city also located in the state of Maharashtra. Dr. NK Arora, co-chair of the ‘Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium’ (INSACOG), at the time announced that Delta “emerged in Maharashtra and traveled northwards along the western states of the country before entering the central and the eastern states.”

The Delta variant was discovered to be “twice as contagious” as initial COVID variants and more likely to “put infected people in the hospital.” The new information from Dr. Walker has raised serious questions about the origin of the Delta variant, and whether it may have been the result of experiments conducted by Pfizer in India.

In May 2020, seven months before India’s Delta outbreak, a group of macaque monkeys reportedly attacked a laboratory assistant in Delhi and escaped with a number of coronavirus blood samples. The monkeys “snatched Covid-19 blood samples from four patients and fled the facilities near the Meerut Medical College in Delhi.” One of the monkeys was spotted in a tree “chewing one of the sample collection kits.” Dr. S. K. Garg, a top official at the college, said the monkeys “grabbed and fled with the blood samples of four Covid-19 patients.”