What killed Anabelle Ham? At 22? YouTuber Annabelle Ham Dead at 22; how, why? so suddenly? In this era of 'died suddenly, or dying at dawn', we have so many seemingly healthy people dying suddenly

by Paul Alexander

Why? In this COVID era, would the media fail to note her vaccine status? Is this drugs? Is this Fentanly? Is this COVID vaccine? Is this 'silent' myocarditis with cardiac arrest & sudden death?



Until the family and media and her doctors tell us the public her vaccine status, whether an autopsy is done, results, and whether myocarditis from a damaged heart due to the vaccine, has been ruled out, then we must keep the vaccine as a potential cause on the table. We will be follish not to.

We need this information to inform the public for their decision making. This is tragic and we have too many young people suffering from harms due to the vaccine, getting silent myocarditis, with scarred myocardium, and then surging adrenaline flooding the myocardium and driving irregular beats then cardiac arrest. Did this play out here? When would we know? This is tragic but as a contrarian and skeptic, I seek answers to this key question. A 22 year old does not suddenly die.

Too often no autopsy is done? Where did they find her body? Etc, etc. etc.

Don’t be afraid to think of this in a COVID era and a deadly vaccine era.