What killed Brian? Trinidadian Tobagonian Brian Stone dies suddenly playing tennis! We warned Trinidad about COVID vaccine, we said no healthy adult or child must take, sadly many more Trinidadians

by Paul Alexander

& Tobagonians WILL die, not if, who took COVID vaccine! We told you it was unsafe, we told you, we tried to give information; it was never safety tested, never needed, 'silent myocarditis' WILL kill

Did he die from the effects of the vaccine? Vaccine shedding? Would we know? What do you know? Should we trust any information today given all the lies we have been fed across over 3 years of COVID?

Did Brian come to know that he was in danger? And was he an angel trying to warn us, warn Caribbean people, Trinidadians…of the danger of the vaccine? His place is booked in heaven.

Will his family demand autopsy? Will the results be made public? Will they stain for spike protein? Will the proper testing to assess if the death was due to the vaccine be done? How will we know if it is from vaccine or not? What do we conclude? There are many questions as to why a healthy man will suddenly die like this and the issue is that this is the ‘norm’ now. Why?



Background: issue is we warned them early on, we have spoken extensively, McCullough, Risch, Oskoui, Tenenbaum, Ladapo, Vliet, Yeadon, Vanden Bossche et al. that the COVID vaccine had failed near day one. It was non-sterilizing and did not confer sterilizing immunity e.g. did not stop infection, replication, transmission and so the vaccine mandate became moot, DOA. It failed to neutralize the virus and quickly non-neutralizing vaccine induced antibodies dominated the immune landscape. This meant that there was tremendous selective pressure (Darwinian natural selection) on the infectiousness of the virus, namely the spike protein and it’s binding epitopes (receptor binding domain, N-terminal domain etc.).

We/I warned them that once you brought a vaccine and deployed it into the teeth of a pandemic, into the midst, into an ongoing so called ‘pandemic’, as these inept people handling the pandemic did, and while there was massive infectious pressure from circulating virus (pressing onto the population), and as the population sought to mount an immune response that was ineffective and sub-optimal (vaccine induced antibodies not reaching full affinity or binding capacity (maximal)), then the result would be, will definitely be the emergence of more infectious sub-variants as you saw in omicon etc. You were loading your gun as the enemy was on the battle field as ger GVB. In short, they created a situation where conceivably, the emergency could last 100 more years. Variant after variant emerging with the possible emergence of a more lethal, virulent one that could threaten humanity.

Point is the vaccine failed, was ineffecive (into negative effectiveness territory) out of the gate, and harmful and this is global factual bullet-proof data.

Brian Stone was an otherwise fit and healthy man by all reports. We are saddened by this. What are we to conclude? Can we ask? Was he mislead and by whom to take the COVID vaccine? Did he take it? Yes I know we need definitive details about vaccine status but in this era, it is likely he took it. And it is ONLY the COVID shot killing people this way, unexplained, suddenly etc. Globally. Until I know otherwise, as a Caribbean person also pained by these deaths, then this is my conclusion. I will stand corrected if I learn otherwise and will update my views on this death.

Are more deaths like Brian’s to come in T and T? Certainly, this is what I warned you about if you recall. I plead, not one more, no more shots. None. No doctor, no government can justify this, could not prior and cannot now! There is no data anywhere, no medical or clinical evidence to support these COID shots.

Know this, across 3 years, not one healthy child in America got infected and died from COVID. Not one.

Was this vaccine-induced cardiac arrest (or similar) due to strain on the scarred heart myocardium based on adrenaline surges? Given he was playing a sport at time of death as reported. IMO, yes! It is the medical profession that much prove otherwise and until we know Brian’s true myocarditis status at death and vaccine status, including if he received boosters, and temporal relationships, then we must place COVID vaccine on the table as a driver of his death. At least in part.

It is very suspicious given he died while in physical activity and this is what happens if one had silent myocarditis that is devastating when adrenaline floods the damaged heart muscle.

We need justice and accountability in the courts, at the ballot box! The COVID polices from lockdown lunacy to the fraud vaccine has and will continue to kill, see the excess mortality that cannot be explained by the force of the virus? It tells a staggering story.

We need to know Brian’s vaccine status definitively first but it is likely he did die due to the COVID vaccine regadless of platform for they all end in some manner with the spike protein and the spike protein is a devastating endothelial pathogen, toxic, causing bleeding, clotting, vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, paralysis, brain bleeds, aneurysms etc., especially if the media (corrupted filthy evil media) does not tell you vaccine status.

I warned you on T and T media that silent myocardits with a scarred heart myocardium and thus sub-optimal electrical conduction across the scarring, will be dangerous if the vaccinee engages in exertion. This phenomenon we saw and described (Dr. McCullough, Dr. Stock, myself we have written) we called ‘dying at dawn’ and dying suddently etc.

See my various blogs and substacks on this issue of silent myocarditis and the danger of the vaccine and the surging in epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine etc.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

We see a situation where with stress or physical activity including sexual activity, running, flying a plane even, teens playing on the soccer field, hockey etc. and this is not relagated to males alone as the Basel Switzerland study (see substack below) by Mueller et al. showed that girls have as much myocardial lesions post vaccine as males:


Again, we see that there is a release of catecholamines (adrenaline) into the blood stream, release of cortisol, lifts blood pressure, heart rate, breathing etc. due to physical activity. But the problem is if this happens after you took the COVID shot (especially the Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene shot) and there is resultant silent myocarditis and your child or you do not know that there is life-long heart damage. Heart cells do not replenish and so when the heart cells die due to the vaccine, it is gone forever.

This is why I and McCullough and Hodkinson and Makis and Oskoui and Risch et al. have demanded that pilots and students etc. have silent myocarditis be ruled out before taking to the cockpit or the playing field given the risk of cardiac arrest due to a stressful exertional situation and the flooding adrenaline onto the scarred heart. The adrenaline places too much strain on the anomalous heart muscle and causes the irregular beating and eventual cardiac arrest and death.

Happens also as you ‘rise’ from sleep (rising at dawn or ‘dawn phenomenon’) and thus the sudden increase in persons dying in their sleep. There is a release of catecholamins (adrenaline) as one rises (3, 4, 5, 6 am) to lift breathing, blood pressure, heart rate etc. and this adrenaline on a scarred heart muscle can cause the person to die in their sleep. Their partner will not know. The heart stops.

I warned you but you did not listen! You fell for the government guidance and the ministry of health so called doctors and scientists and look what is happening? Was the government of T and T misguided and misled by WHO, PAHO, CDC etc. and fell victim? That their intent was benevolent yet they did not know and made a catastrophic mistake? I think so! Why did the government of T and T not do its own scientific investigation about the efficacy, effectiveness, safety and need for these shots in the first place?

I know you see globally that healthy people, young people are dying suddenly and you think it will not visit your shores? I am afraid it is and will and Brian is an example sadly, may his soul rest in peace. Many Caribbean people who were lulled into compliance for various reasons, to take the vaccine, will succumb to the vaccine. There are strategies we have worked on to mitigate the effects e.g. detoxification of the spike protein etc. and soon I will be trying to make available options to our Caribbean people to help mitigate the damage of the spike protein from vaccine (and virus).

The ‘dying suddenly’, ‘dying at dawn’, ‘cause of death unknown’ phenomenon is expanding and becoming a real crisis globally.

You need to detoxify the blood and system of the spike protein. You must insist your doctor rule out myocarditis and micro thrombi (blood clots) before you take to the filed and engage in stress activities that causes heightened adrenaline etc. Insist your blood test includes now:

i)high-sensitivity troponin test (checks for damage to the heart, heart muscle, if had a harmful cardiac event etc.)

ii)D-DIMER, it tests for blood clots that are silent and can be deadly, and due to the vaccine

iii)chest MRI (gadolinium contrast if indicated and can be withstood)

iv) EKG etc.

Always know that moderation and common sense should be your watch word. Do not trust anything coming out of the government agencies globally, nothing. No government official anywhere. They are corrupted, inept, inane, vacuous, vapid, incompetent, duplicituous, and simply out to leech off the tax-payer money treasury. Trust you! Read, listen, share. Be critical thinkers.