What say me today? Questionable actions were taken at the polls & vote counts, no doubt, but Trump may have LOST; his pandemic response was devastating, letting Fauci & Birx run lockdowns that killed

by Paul Alexander

We look into it, but where are our immediate problems? Take this CDC MMWR 'political' report claims: "supporting the safety of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy."; who is spooning who?

Who is spooning who? Is Fauci spooning Walensky? Or vice versa? Something is going on between these two for they play ‘public health’ tag team on us for the utter verbal garbage drivel that these two emit daily, I mean, by now you would think one would correct the other so I think serious spooning is at play and guiding our pandemic response.

This is where we should be focusing, focusing on the garbage, the junk coming out of these alphabet science and public health agencies the CDC, NIH, FDA that get billions $ yearly but as COVID has shown us, are some of the most corrupted, inept, political, biased people and entities on the planet. No doubt I think it is worst than that and there is thieving and corruption and nefarious deeds by persons that runs deep and we need to get to the bottom on it…we need accountability. Real jail time…deep jail time.

Trump lost, plain and simple, hard for me to say but I can see no evidence otherwise and I like to be pure and factual though I have biases, but I am doing my best to constrain them as I just talk bluntly…could they have done wrong and stolen? Yes. Could he have pulled it off, yes and did win. He may have. Could he have made up massive ground but even discounting their rigging, still lost? Yes, pains me but he may have lost. He legitimately may have lost. He himself may have contributed to the loss. The pandemic handling hurt him. The lockdowns and vaccines hurt him, the latter showing clearly now just how much of a failure it is. Had there been no pandemic, after Jan 2020, based on what we were seeing, I think 40 states were in the bag at least, and he was unstoppable. 3.4% unemployment, lowest unemployment in all groups, high LPR, lower stamps etc. Hope was there, a future we could see, especially for impoverished persons. For the first time in a long time and he can be credited deep for this. I thought in January 2020 he had a good shot at Rushmore, really, as huge as that is a statement, but once we judged him over ‘only’ the last 2 years as Paul Ryan devastated his first 2 years, then you see how great his acts were and what he accomplished. Tremendous. MAYBE the very best save Abe.

I thought he did very good but he lost lots of support as he caused it by him allowing Fauci and Birx to destroy the society and economies and caused hanging/deaths of children and employees, business owners, people committed suicide because of Fauci and Birx lockdowns and school closures and Trump failed in his leadership to fire them and failed to control their insanity and the bull crap science that spewed 24/7 and still today under Biden. They spooked him and maybe you and I would be too…but he ceded too much to them. And they took it and used it to hurt his re-election. I like him and supported him and still support, I think he was very badly treated by the media and RINOs and Ryan and Romney and McCain etc. I do, they envied him and worked to subvert him and no one was ever mistreated like him.

But as much as I like him and thought and still think he deserves a 2nd shot, in my mind also, he made 2 catastrophic blunders with lockdowns and the vaccines. IMO…his actions will go down in history as being the 2 greatest public health blunders ever. He can fix it and it is up to him now. He can reshape his legacy. Going on Owens praising the failed vaccines that are harmful hurt him. Hurt her too. That's not what is needed. Real leadership is needed now and he can even be the de facto POTUS if he grabs hold and seizes the catastrophe in the lives of people and understand it, and steps up now to fix it…we are very forgiving people and we know it comes from a good place in him, so he has an opening, will he take it? I hope he does.

I digress a bit more, but it is part of my thinking…many entered the Capitol building on Jan 6th and made a mistake, poor judgement and those who did violent destructive things were wrong, very wrong, but I would say most are and were good Americans angry by lots going on, swept up, emotional, misguided, not bad people, most full of love of nation, in fact hard working tax paying people, good people, swept up in the moment, and the political leadership almost set them up, stoked it, and many got arrested and by the news, still are in jail. This is horrible and everything should not have happened and there should be more balance in response…I am not excusing, no, if people were violent and the like they have to answer but be balanced and fair…I feel in my heart that POTUS Trump should have pardoned those people who are caught up in this insanity. get them out of jail, call in some chips. There is wrong but good people must not be ruined by one moment, a lapse in judgement etc. The arc of their lives must be looked at and be fair. Perspective.

I don't despise the blue, in fact I support police. I love the military and police and all who serve, they are better than us, than me. It was a tough day for them too…everyone got caught up…

This is why he lost, good hard working people who supported him stepped back; they saw Devos and Milo and Coulter having to run to get away from agitating seemingly violent protestors and threats when they went to deliver their talks…where was the ‘law and order’? I am sorry but that was bad, they got no protection and had to run…should have not happened and he should have afforded them the support needed…and it is this and the fact that people were devastated by the lockdowns and the overall pandemic response….the school closures that were relentless…we had Fauci, Birx relentless with their ineptness terrorizing the nation, daily…

Yes, Fauci and Birx undercut Trump, they made the nation seem unmanageable and ungovernable under him and did a good job at it…lying daily with the flawed PCR false positive numbers, he in my mind should have had a 2nd term to finish good initiated actions but he failed and that's history and we are left with even a more dufus inept nonsensical and I argue dangerous, clown car government…if we thought his (Trump) daily clown car show was a joke with the Task Force briefings, we only need sit back and watch Psaki twist and turn to try to defend the morons under Biden. I actually admire her, got to give her some credit, she has a tough job…to walk out daily to defend that clown car show…those idiots, those morons, it ain't easy…and a POTUS that really…look, I do not appreciate disrespect of older people and I will not do that to Biden…but lets just say this is a disaster. He is not able and competent to hold this post now. I talk from a capability and health point of view. The global matters at hand needs a mentally sound person, quick, nimble, sharp, focused person across the table, all the time. I am against media even repubs and conservatives ridiculing his mental acuity and deficits…don't do that, we all get there, HANNITY, and people like him who make jokes on his visible stages of dementia, stop it! Whomever advises you is wrong, that does not come across good…yes, Biden is ‘this and that’ to you, but don't ridicule his health…let the public decide that at the polls, midterms and otherwise.

See how much I get sidetracked?

Back to the CDC report titled: Receipt of COVID-19 Vaccine During Pregnancy and Preterm or Small-for-Gestational-Age at Birth — Eight Integrated Health Care Organizations, United States, December 15, 2020–July 22, 2021


My view, I read it, and its typical CDC MMWR junk as usual…its a political piece meant to deceive you and sell vaccines and push you, pregnant women to vaccine…but be warned, when you read the methods it cannot even be published in a low level peer-reviewed journal for a reason…its garbage pseudoscience…we do research to make statements on ‘patient important outcomes’…what matters to decision making. it is like the vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, these corrupted vaccine makers ran a study to reduce ‘mild’ COVID symptoms…to reduce the sniffles…or your cough, they did not bring a vaccine that reduces risk of infection, transmission, death, hospitalization etc. Who in their right mind will bring a non-sterilizing imperfect vaccine to a pandemic of infectious pathogen?

So not to be outdone by their past failures, the CDC put out this garbage telling us in conclusion “add to the evidence supporting the safety of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy.” What evidence? What? They needed 15 years to run the trial and put out this filth in a couple of months? How could we detect safety events in a couple of months? If myocarditis as an example, occurs at a rate of 1 in 6,000 usually, how could you beelzebubs run a study of 2,200 young folk and expect to detect just one (1) event? So these liars undersize the studies to deceive you with the results. How could you run it for a few months, even weeks and tell me it is safe? Who is spooning who?

They stated “Primary outcomes were preterm birth, defined as birth <37 weeks’ gestation, and SGA at birth, defined as birthweight <10th percentile for gestational age compared with a U.S. reference population”…yet what about the patient important outcomes that matter to pregnancy women and women planning to have children etc. What about pre-eclampsia that has serious implications and what about still births and pregnancy loss? What about those ‘hard, objective, patient-important outcomes’ that matter to people…yes the others are nice to fill up a report but again, a report meant to deceive and has a political motive, to push you women to vaccinate with a vaccine that is unsafe. Yes, it is unsafe, many of you may die from it.