What should we do with these criminals for criminals they are? Tell me, what would you do? share your comments, be open, transparent, tell me how you feel; would they come to your house next? Posobiec

by Paul Alexander

America today? This is what Biden's America is? Would Trump stop this if given a 2nd chance? Would DeSantis stop this? Can they? Does Trump or DeSantis have the stones to as it has to be stopped!

Where is law enforcement? Are these people, this fecal banal bottom-feeder filth, are they untouchable? So the US Senate is more worried about the crash in sales for Taylor Swift tickets and how much kickback money they can get in their corrupted budgets and spending bills wink wink nod nod, and not focused on this? Jack Posobiec is always on the money, thanks Jack.

Trump said he was ‘law and order’ yet this time, if Trump is re-elected, we need real ‘law and order’, not just statements. We want real justice in the court, using all the legal tools.

You know they will soon be coming to your individual homes, to take from your homes, your children’s mouths, even touch your wives and daughters because you today, refuse to stop them by refusing to vote properly and use the ballot box and the courts properly. You refuse to work with law enforcement. You are in fact, creating a monster that is coming to a house near you.

What I don’t get is how people just seem to stand by.

This is not a joke, do not giggle at this, this is the beginning of something real and dark.

Stay tuned.