What? 'Times' investigation saying Wuhan Institute Virology began gain-of-function in 2016? Chinese military? Duh? Well ask Fauci & Collins & Daszak & Baric & others who paid them? Why? Battlefield?

by Paul Alexander

a battlefield weapon? To use on who? China to use on others? on US? or was this a US program US outsouced to bypass stoppage of GoF on US soil? did Chinese go rogue? was this a US release? intented?

The Times has unveiled a compelling investigation suggesting that COVID may have originated in a lab, rather than from natural zoonotic transmission.

The report ties the outbreak to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and posits a significant involvement of the Chinese military.

According to the investigation, the Wuhan Institute began conducting secret military-funded experiments on bat coronaviruses as early as 2016, becoming notably less transparent about their work.

Did we witness or were subjected to, the first biological attack by one nation on another? That whatever was planned went wrong or that it was released many years now and was always circulating low level benign, harms and deaths captured routinely as colds or influenza linked and in high risk persons? In other words, were high level people involved in this madness in the ‘know’ for years now, that their program got lose and was out globally? Intentionally or accidentally released? In other words, we used PCR process (it is NOT a test) fraudulently knowing it was always there (whatever they cooked up) and the world was largely immune? That we detected something we knew was ALWAYS there? Always circulating and no case definitions meant it was captured as colds, as respiratory like influenza like illness that yes, took high risk elderly as it should (over 80, with medical conditions), as colds and influenza normally do?

Could this have happened?


That we were always immune? Largely. That bad sick malevolent money hungry whorish people in pharma and scientists and government officials then moved to make money? help take power. with the mRNA technology and vaccine peoples, looking only to pimp and rape the tax payer and population? I am not sure but thinking aloud to try to pin down what the hell happened here?

other dark people then (also) sought to use it to take power from populations? that still others then decided not to let the crisis go to waste and use it to topple Trump? using Fauci and Birx and the clown car Task Force to hari kari itself, fall on its own sword so to speak, to manage a disastrous response they all were doing, to in effect damage Trump?

They did!

That Yeadon is over the target, maybe not 100% but 95%? That people like Couey is over the target, not 100% but 95%, people like that. That I am over the target and something in what I wrote above is 100% correct.


Can you imagine what we face now?