What? What the hell did CDC just report? That COVID is to blame for just 1% of weekly deaths from all causes across the US? So whats the hysteria over BA5 sub-variant? Oh I get it, an election is here

by Paul Alexander

yes, sorry, now they got to devise a way to steal again, or at the least benefit from uncertifiable votes! Is the COVID vaccine then, direct or indirect, contributing to these deaths? I think so!


Is it the denied treatment at the start of the fraud pandemic where people could not get treatment for heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. that has now caused excess deaths? At least in part, can account for part?


Is it the collaterol damage, harms and deaths from the lockdowns and school closures? I say yes, in part.

Is it the virus itself, or pathogen or whatever they released? I say a small portion yes, likely a bit more early on.

Yet most deaths are due to the devastating treatment of our vulnerable in the medical system itself (isolation, false positive designation as COVID positive, dehydration, malnourichment, DNR orders, no antibiotics, Remdesivir, sedation with midazolam and morphine, vantilator etc.). In short, doctors, hospitals, CEOs helped kill our parents and grandparents (even kids).