What would you do as a parent if this was your daughter, 9 years old beaten this way by an older thug puke male on Florida school bus? '9-year-old girl viciously pummeled with rapid-fire punches

by Paul Alexander

to her head aboard school bus; main assailant appears to larger male; cops make arrest'; something is very wrong in America & I wrote with Jeff Tucker that the lockdowns & masks bred monsters

Godlessness! No father! You beasts broke the nuclear family and this is the result.

We took already troubled youth and made them into demons and monsters and you see it now with the mass shootings involving teens. Be warned, mid 2022 I predicted over 600 mass shootings. There were over 600 mass shootings. The COVID pandemic response damaged the nation forever. The fraud failed lockdowns and school closures removed the moral clarity from our young people and their sense of purpose. What we called the ‘rituals and predictability of life’. Lockdown and school closures pulled the ‘rituals’ rug from under people, including adults and made them powerless and hopeless and vulnerable and you will always breed monsters that way.




‘Cellphone video caught the moment a 9-year-old Florida girl was viciously pummeled with rapid-fire punches to her head aboard a school bus this week, and Miami-Dade County Public Schools said police with the district have made an arrest.

The disturbing clip shows the girl getting beaten by what appears to be a pair of males; the assailant who delivers the vast majority of punches appears to be significantly larger than the victim.’