When I read this shi* McCarthy says, before he takes power, it worries me! I do not want him as speaker, he is the problem! He failed prior! Must be better than him there! Stop this virtue sh*t Kevin

by Paul Alexander

just get sworn in, bring in the jailers, & start arresting, we gave you & the nation enough evidence over 3 years, just jail all who did wrong & costed lives even if republican and democrats too

Read this crap! This is bullsh*t as if we do not know it. Just do your job, no committees, no posturing, no games, just jailing, impeachments…if this next 2 years you fail, as I think you will, as you are already signaling it, then republicans will never see power again! I wrote and some did not understand, that not now, 2 more years, let democrats and Biden do more damage because you were not ready, just electing you as speaker shows this, and you will waste the next 2 years bitching that senate or WH did not take up your bills and the nation has had enough of that pusillanimous crap. I felt it was better the repubs not get the house now so that in 2 years have a good chance of getting all 3 levels. Now they have a hobbled house and Kevin is already navel gazing.

Just get on with it and jail people and do the people’s business! Not one cent $ for Ukraine, we will see where you are if you give 1$ to that corrupted money laundering scheme.

He said the nation is not focused on impeaching Biden? What? Before you were even sworn in you make that call? Yet they impeached Trump twice in Bullsh*t? I don’t think this dude is up to the task, I think he is RINO. But dangerous for he will cost the republicans house, senate, and WH in 2024. Its dead before they even begun.