When James Topp, I, & security team arrive at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Ottawa, and there were thousands lined up screaming; it was beautiful, see some photos; June 30th 2022; I thank the police

by Paul Alexander

It was unreal, James & I did not think so many Canadians would come, I did not know so many knew who I was and they wanted me to sign flags, hug, share their pain, moms bringing unvaxxed kids to show

Those in green and red hats, tops, backpacks are a team of about 25 soliders and police who were laid off due to no vaccine and they came forward to march and to protect James and I, anywhere I go, even in US, I can call them, they come, activate US folk to protect me…they form a circle bubble and we inside….highly trained Canadian military people…these are the crowds that greeted me, greeted James and it was crazy scary too…people were rushing at us so thank God for the security. James Topp to me, like how I see the truckers, was really the one who lost, he lost his career and is being court marshalled for no vaccine. Ongoing. He is my hero! When he asked me to march with him across Canada, I joined last 4 days, why would I not? This man is unreal! Love this man! Support him, find him, support him! He gave all…

What was shocking is how many mothers and fathers came with their kids to show me they withstood the pressure because of the preaching of McCullough, Risch, myself, Hodkinson, etc. and just wanted to see me in person, to say ‘thank you’.