When will at least one of the Thirteen (13) Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse stand up & explain to the public what they knew, when they knew it, & what they did about it as to: i)reverse transcription

by Paul Alexander

of mRNA to DNA ii)that vaccine & content did not stay at injection site iii)that the vaccine & content did not dissolve one off & immediately iv)what they knew about shedding; Malone, Kariko, Sahin

Weissman, Bourla, Bancel, Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, Walensky, Daszak, Baric, Azar…this 13….tell us, we wish to know, we need answers and need clarifications on the mRNA technology and the inventions, all of it, and the mRNA gene based vaccine, we want answers as to how come not one of you sought to re-enter the lab with some of the ill-gotten tax-payer research grant money to find a fix yet you parade yourself saying it is unsafe, yet you invented it and brought it…oh the irony of it all!

will one of you do the right thing given you all sucked off the tax-payer dole and bought horses and built ranches and lived the good life and developed punches well fed, on the tax dole, with your bogus research grants…hint hint, there is a reason I never did one grant while I operated huge in the research community for I saw the fraud and abuse of it all hint hint….


IMO, you all are a bunch of crooks, crooks, and you harmed the public with your type of research, in your technocrat roles, nothing other than fame and money and never once to help the population…history will record you as the crooks you are and were!

and btw, come sue me, I know one of you is itching, come on my man, sue, just be willing to defend your work and statements, including your smears of me and my name and family for I am waiting. It works both ways homie, both ways. come on, can’t debate people so run around suing them, ok, well sue. wrapped up the Freedom Fighter media like EPOCH and CHD that they cannot even ask you a question as they fear donor money will dry up, oh the irony of it all that people who brought the death we face with this vaccine, are on the frontlines saying its harmful but no one is holding them to account…media is silent….'“sssshhhhhh, don’t offend him, sssshhhhh, he will cut off donor money…..sssshhhhhh, you know we all are useless dolts, morons and money leeching whores who pimped off the COVID pain and suffering….shit, don’t intervew him or press him, we got to keep the lies and fear porn and COVID lies going as long as we can else we go back to sorry ass inconsequential lives”….if it was not so serious I would laugh…I have to cry though.