Where are the Indian truckers in Canada? How come they are not on the street here in Ottawa? We know the Indian Punjabi trucker makes up about 50% of trucks and truckers in Canada and owned by Trudeau

by Paul Alexander

Where are the Indian truckers? Why is it that it is only white truckers, black truckers, French from Quebec and even US truckers here fighting, fighting for everyone but the Indian trucker absent?

Yes there are some, I have interviewed, but not many, a few…they are telling me to call their people out for they are hiding, they are owned by the liberal party, Trudeau….I refer to Sikh Punjabi truckers, they make up thousands of trucks in Canada. 50%. This is glaring by the numbers they must be out here. Did Trudeau buy their non-compliance? Their silence? Then any benefit here must not extend to them. Shame on them! You know me, I am a blunt person, shame of them, and shame on all those up in Brampton Ontario where many reside.