Where is the love Roberto? Where is the humanity & mercy? You treat fellow scientists & doctors as enemies. Like you have one switch 2 options only, ‘suck up or enemy'; why can’t you have something in

by Paul Alexander

the middle like ‘honest patriot who wants to really help save lives’. Yes, can you consider that as a third option? The ones who suck up, you are down with them but once they ask a question

and want some clarification and raise a concern, you want to sue? And your lackies just go silent. What a bunch of madness. You are shameful. You are all shameful. Did you get testicles when they were handing them out? Assuming you did, now put them to use. Stand up, defend your science and positions, enough about the horses, enough about the suing, and answer some needed questions for your damn mRNA technology is killing people. Yes, your mRNA that you invented is our problem yet you run around as a savior and no one is holding you to account. No questions. How come? You have many questions to answer. You did bad, you and all of them who invented this mRNA and this LNP complex madness. This was money making God like complexes and you never tested it for safety, never as I read the science, and now people have died and are dying.

You must answer questions, we need investigations to figure out what you all did and in the meantime, why not figure out something to shut the mRNA before it has its course of action. Come off the farm, stop the dog and pony shows, the ring circus clown car show, and get into the lab and fix the madness you, yes you did. How do we shut the mRNA down? Can we do an antidote? Can we follow-up with some form of molecular kill switch to block it, maybe inserting on the ribosomes in the cytoplasm? Something? Maybe disturb the RNA polymerase even more? Am I right on that? Can you consider this Roberto? Can you get in there with the pipette and dish and cook up something for the world? We need help as the mRNA technology LNP gene injection is killing us. Our kids, young people, healthy people. All are at risk now.

Can you answer some questions under oath? In the congress? Via proper interviewers? No, not EPOCH, no no no. That ship sailed as to credibility. That is like the CIA investigating the FBI or Epstein investigating Slick Willie. No, cannot work. Not that type of questioning.

And btw, thank you again for supporting NATTOKINASE. I/we knew it works based on emerging evidence. The science is maturing but we need to offer people some help in the interim given the devastation of your mRNA technology (yeah, we did not forget Kariko and the crew, we did not and all must answer questions) that underpins the deadly COVID LNP gene platform injection.