Which X-Men do you prefer? The men who say they are women yet have penises? the men who are would be rapists of women given the chance, for they are really perverts and child pedophiles too? which?

by Paul Alexander

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Many of these are in our governments, you see, most of the high-level officials in government are the real drug pushers, drug financiers, real pedophiles, yes, right there in congress, the Senate, MPs, MPPs, high society peoples…yes, congressmen are the ones who are top dog pedophiles, we know how it works, it ain’t only priests. and yes, nuns are pedophiles too on little girls. Yes, the society is sick, full of deviancy and they hide due to their high-society status. Many in the crypto movement, the ‘big boys’ into pedophilia, we were informed. Not a good thing.